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Nar Shaddaa, moon of corruption

Published by under Planets on Jul. 31. 2010.

Although it is not technically a planet, it still is a celestial body we’ll be able to quest on. The largest moon of planet Hutta is also home for the smugglers of the Exchange. Put the Hutts and the Exchange on a moon full of casinos, bars and a black market located deep bellow the shining lights of the city’s exterior and you have a perfect place for a shady adventure. Nar Shaddaa is the next “planet” reveal we got during this Friday update. You can see its official HoloNet page here and you can view the planet gallery below.

This Friday also brought the continuation of the Blood of the Empire Comic.

Teneb Kel is confronted with a strange and frightening vision of the past, the future, and of his greatest enemy. As he lies broken in the Lenico wasteland, he must seek the truth about Exal Kressh and the Emperor’s goals within his mystical dream–or be utterly destroyed when he returns to reality.

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

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SS 20100730 NarShaddaa02 800x450 SS 20100730 NarShaddaa03 800x450 SS 20100730 NarShaddaa04 800x450

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New Blood of the Empire and dev blog

Published by under news,webcomic on Jul. 17. 2010.

Yesterday was all about music on the official The Old Republic site. We first got a brand new developer’s dispatch video covering the music we’ll be hearing in the game and right after that we got to read the very first blog by Orion Kellogg, Audio Producer at LucasArts (awesome name btw). He begins his deb blog entry by quoting George Lucas no less and than he continues to talk about the voice acting, alien tongues, following in the footsteps of John Williams in regards to music and of course the creation of all the Star Wars sounds (in his own words: “the pew-pew of a blaster rifle”). You can read the full dev blog here.

To make yesterday the most awesome Friday update ever, Sean Dahlberg also announced the release of the seventh issue of Blood of the Empireā„¢. Teneb Kel finds himself beaten and bloodied in the aftermath of the Lenico colony’s destruction. Trapped on a strange planet, he must draw upon the ancient Sith arts in order to ensure his survival–and to learn the secrets he needs to resume his vendetta against Exal Kressh. Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

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