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Zero MVP

Published by under webcomic on Jul. 03. 2012.

Bioware did a great thing by adding the defense stats to PvP warzones and adding votes where you can vote for that one healer that kept you alive throughout the whole match. Still, gamers always look for the easiest way though a game and groups usually give votes to each other no matter how well they actually did during a warzone match. I did it as well when I was playing with the guild I was in. Still, it hurts as hell when you win the most medals and are ranked number one in a warzone and get no MVP votes whatsoever. I am almost over the fact that can happen … almost.

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Too Soon?

Published by under webcomic on May. 23. 2012.

Based on today’s news about layoffs in the SWTOR team, an article I read about what it was like for Mythic employees after Warhammer launched and Patrick meme.

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New Blood of the Empire and dev blog

Published by under news,webcomic on Jul. 17. 2010.

Yesterday was all about music on the official The Old Republic site. We first got a brand new developer’s dispatch video covering the music we’ll be hearing in the game and right after that we got to read the very first blog by Orion Kellogg, Audio Producer at LucasArts (awesome name btw). He begins his deb blog entry by quoting George Lucas no less and than he continues to talk about the voice acting, alien tongues, following in the footsteps of John Williams in regards to music and of course the creation of all the Star Wars sounds (in his own words: “the pew-pew of a blaster rifle”). You can read the full dev blog here.

To make yesterday the most awesome Friday update ever, Sean Dahlberg also announced the release of the seventh issue of Blood of the Empireā„¢. Teneb Kel finds himself beaten and bloodied in the aftermath of the Lenico colony’s destruction. Trapped on a strange planet, he must draw upon the ancient Sith arts in order to ensure his survival–and to learn the secrets he needs to resume his vendetta against Exal Kressh. Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

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