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Patch 1.2 Overview

Published by under Guide,Patch on Apr. 11. 2012.

Release of the “1.2 – Legacy” patch is imminent. We have less than 12 hours remaining before it hits the live servers (you can read the full announcement here). This patch is one of the biggest patches in the history of MMOs and it will bring a whole lot of changes and improvements to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is very hard to cover all the changes included in the patch, but we have tried to compile a small list of the most interesting changes you will see once you install the new patch. This has all been put into a form of a guide on our sister site SWTOR Spy and by browsing through various tabs you can see all the changes we discovered while playing the test version of the patch. Our resident Lore junkie, Mr Joshrooms, also posted an article about how the Legacy patch and Star Wars Lore are intertwined. Among our patch 1.2 coverage we have also managed to find out which gifts will your Ship Droids like once the patch is active. Yes, ship droids will now receive gifts and you can increase your affection with them! Check out all the aforementioned features on the links bellow:


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One Response to “Patch 1.2 Overview”

  1. Jeff Moelleron 11 Apr 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Love the way the guide is set up, very nice. 1.2 seems worth the wait, the interface editor, guild bank and other game system updates (and of course Legacy) will be nice to have, plus tons of new endgame content.