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Teen ESRB rating

Published by under news on Sep. 22. 2011.

It was reported two days ago, by various fansites, that Star Wars: The Old Republic received Teen rating from ESRB. This means ESRB believes that the title is suitable for ages 13 and older. Upon review they found the title contains Blood and Gore (combat with lightsabers – what can you do), Mild Language, Sexual Themes( companion lovin’ FTW), Violence (I think this relates to the Sith Warrior – he feels to be so violent). Getting an ESRB rating also means that release is in sight, because for ESRB to give a rating, the product they are reviewing must be very close to the final, release version.
I am reporting on this because for the first time now I have seen the ESRB rating on SWTOR advertisements that have popped up all over the net today (in line with the Eurogamer Expo). I’ve included the screenshot of one of those ads above, but you can see it for yourself here, here or here.

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