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SWTOR overload (part 1)

Published by under news on Oct. 20. 2011.

Just as it was announced yesterday, The Old Republic media blast has begun and articles with reviews and impressions have been popping all over the place. The press was allowed into the beta and they can talk about the Republic side of things for the first 15 levels or so. We’ll try and make a comprehensive list of links below:

All of the reviewers have promised more articles in the coming days and it seems that the Imperial side will get a proper treatment as well, but that the embargo for them has not dropped yet. I think the general consensus is that the story is as good as advertised. The choices feel real and are cool to make. Multiplayer dialogue works. Companions ‘just work’ (quote from article). None of the reviewers are calling SWTOR revolutionary, but all of them seem to think it is a quality game.

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