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Media Blast Incoming

Published by under news on Oct. 19. 2011.

It seems that Press has been beta testing The Old Republic recently. Guess what – they will talk about their experiences with the game starting tomorrow. It was first mentioned on IGN that tomorrow at 9AM PDT you can expect a pile of new content and then Monday (24th) to Friday new article each day (news spotted at Darth Hater). It has been confirmed now by Stephen Reid, Bioware Senior Community Manager, that this is in fact true and that tomorrow we can expect loads of articles all over the web. Here’s a quote:

  • As others have noted, we have a press embargo on #SWTOR dropping tomorrow. We’ve had press in for a while. Testers are still under NDA.
  • That means if you’re in testing, you’re still bound by NDA. Only press who have been admitted will be sharing their impressions.
  • Watch the @SWTOR account for retweets of coverage btw.

We’ll also try and gather all the press coverage in one convenient post for you to browse through, but all of that tomorrow 9AM PDT. Gonna be a hard wait for hardcore fans. In the meantime – we give you the facebook image of the week just to spice this article up with some media and because this image is actually very cool. It represent a trooper in some kind of very large hall (apparently it is The Gormak King’s Hall) running towards what could be a King’s throne (perhaps the said king is present as well). This feels like an instance footage to me.

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One Response to “Media Blast Incoming”

  1. MrWarlockon 20 Oct 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Testers, followers and fan sites will be watching this very close.

    It shouldn’t be long before the NDA will drop for the testers also. I hope we get some good info about the game that tend to play mmo’s and have an idea how these games work