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Fan Friday With Ships and Full Advanced Classes

Published by under news on Aug. 21. 2010.

In the midst of all the GamesCom madness people of Bioware managed to release a new Fan Friday as part of their continuous Friday SWTOR updates. First up is the update to Holonet with a new starships page. Although we saw all the other ships in the recently released space combat trailer, only two previously announced ships are in the starships holonet page, the Fury and the Defender. There are some new screenshots if you go onto the individual ship pages so make sure you check it out.

Fan Friday wouldn’t be complete without some awesome fan created art. Two of the most impressive fan created sketches I’ve seen have been made by Kromnz adn have been posted on the official SWTOR forums. “Jedi reading” sketch and “Three Deadly Siths” are surely worth seeing. You can find the rest of the mentioned art at the Fan Friday page on the official site.

The best is, as always, left for last. In the developer corner we get a full list of the advanced classes and some details on them. The list is very close to the one we provided from our GamesCom exclusive coverage, but with more details on some of the advanced classes we didn’t manage to write down.


  • Scoundrel (Stealth/Medicine; Burst ranged damage or healing, Blaster ‘Shot Gun’)
  • Gunslinger (Dual pistols, Quick draw/Fast Attacks, Ranged DPS)

Sith Inquisitor

  • Sorcerer (Single saber; ranged damage class/ Healing, Force Lightning / Force Drain; Think of someone that just loves using lightning; Think Palpatine; They even heal with lighning (joke, but they do heal))
  • Assassin (Double bladed light sabers, Stealth, Burst Melee DPS; Darth Maul type of character;)

Jedi Knight

  • Sentinel (dual saber (not double), melee DPS; Saber fighting specialist; Think young Anakin as model for class)
  • Guardian (Single Saber / Heavy Armor, Leadership / Party Buffs, Tank; Think Obi Wan leading the attack with the troops


  • Commando (Heavy Blaster Cannon, Grenades, Ranged DPS)
  • Vanguard (Blaster Rifle, Energy Shields and Defense, Tank)

Imperial Agent

  • Operative (Blaster Rifle / Energy Blade, Stealth, Burst Ranged damage)
  • Sniper (Sniper Rifle, Cover, Ambush, Orbital Strikes, Ranged DPS)

Bounty Hunter

  • Powertech (Flamethrower, Defense / Energy Shields, Tank)
  • Mercenary (Dual Wield Guns, Missiles, Ranged DPS)

Jedi Consular

  • Shadow (double-bladed lightsaber, Stealth, Burst melee damage)
  • Wizard (Single Saber, Powerful Telekinesis / Healing, Ranged Control / Damage or Healing)

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