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Fridays Make Me Itch

Published by under humor on Apr. 07. 2011.

Don’t you love Fridays? Not only is it the last day of the week for work, for most of us, it is also the day we look forward to for updates from Swtor. Now, I love those updates and can’t wait until I see it every week, but don’t they leave you itchy?


By itchy I mean wanting to just be able to get in the game and finally play. It does me, and makes anything else mundane compared to the desire I have for the game. It doesn’t get better either. Not when you have fan sites, such as Swtor Life, that do their best to keep that itch going and even spread it around more.


Darth Hater is such a fan site, with all their updates to news and updates on updates. They are probably the best at really dissecting information as it comes out and if you want to see how, you really should check out some of their galleries. If you have an itch after getting the Friday update and then check out DH and let that itch becomes a rash!


Mos Eisley Radio is another fan site that does nothing to cure that itch. Their pod-casts are really great at showing how fans of the game are getting into the game their own way. They interview people and Developers to get more information for people to watch and listen too. They discuss the things and ideas we are all having about the game. Even though Brooks has left for a job with Bioware, and we hates him we does Precious, I am sure MER is still going to be the place to turn our itch, now rash, pretty infectious.


Still not enough to sate that appetite for the game and every ounce of information you can gather or go over since none of us are actually playing the game? Good, it isn’t for me either. Fortunately for us, there is TORSyndicate. They bring us stuff from other fan sites, all over the web, in one easy location. Everyone has a voice about the game and this play gives us a speaker-phone to make those voices heard a little bit easier. Still scratching? Good.


So if those Friday Updates make you itch to play and that itch has gone bubonic by now, join the club. There are even more places on the web that you can check out for fans talking about the game and their hopes they have for it. It’s alright, you aren’t alone, scratch away.

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