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Server Types Pro’s And Con’s

Published by under Blog,gameplay,PvP,Role Play on May. 11. 2011.

Ever since I returned from the Fan Site Summit in Austin I’ve spent little time in Rift. This was the game that I chose to tide me over until SWTOR release. As effective of last night my sub with Rift ended. With almost 2 months until it runs out I’m not really going to play much, and atm it’s lucky if I can muster up 1 hour play over a full day. This is from someone who played no less than 6 hours + per-day every day to almost nothing.

It’s not like I have not tried to rekindle the joy of playing the game but after getting around 8 hours on TOR, Rift is now so lackluster I cant seem to get that buzz I once used to feel.

Now with TOR I was ready as always to roll out on a PvP server. Just like every other game. With PvP being quite high on my list of things that keep me playing, and you can only really get that good PvP fix on a PvP server.,

Now, I’m a little puzzled to what server to roll out on with the news that PvE servers will have PvP zones that will auto flag anyone that enters at will.


This article will be for those like me that now find themselves pondering which type of server to go play. I hope reading back through when I’m done helps me to decide also. 🙂

Server Basics

PvE – Player verses Enviroment

PvP – Player verses Player

RP – Role Playing – (RP servers will always come with a subset i.e RP-PvE or RP-PvP)


RP is the easiest to cover. As anyone who wants to be on a RP server has already decided to do so long ago. Only, they may still be wondering which subset to join.

For anyone new to the RP place, well, you’re in luck. You’ll not find players here speaking in old English or with a pirate twang in this world. All the classes speak basic. So if you ever wanted to join in on RP, and have been put off or somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing this could be your chance to jump in with both feet.


Also do not be put of with the RP tag. You do not have to play your class roll all the time, check the guilds over on you’ll find a great mix of very hardcore guilds all the way down to the very casual. If you are sitting on the fence go over to one of the many sites and see what they are all about. They will be more than happy to give you some background and info for you to digest.

On a positive note RP guilds normally are the most friendly type of guilds around. They will help you at every stage and help you develop you skills in RP and in the normal game play. I really can’t find a downside to the way the many RP guilds conduct themselves. Your enjoyment as a player is a priority to the leaders. They really do take a genuine interest in you as a player and a person. Your enjoyment reflects on the entire guild. And as such they will bend over backwards to bringing you content, games and missions that will keep you entertained for years to come.


The down side ?

Well it’s simple. The down side of the RP server is those players that do not like to RP. As such they will take no greater pleasure on disrupting your game-play. On a PvE server the effectiveness to ruin your game is limited to them killing your mobs (which is not just an RP server problem) and generally making an ass of themselves they like nothing more than killing your fun. If you’re in the middle of a RP moment they will do all in their power to kill your fun. People can be jerks so just a heads up.


Now on a RP-PvP server they can wreak havoc to the point that guilds will lose a lot of players. I’ve played for a short time on a RP server. Nothing in the way that I would call myself an expert or anything. With PvP they had rules that needed to be followed.

From the level gap you could PK an enemy guild, to the area and in some cases what days and times of the week. They have a full 10 page document that covered rules of engagement. This was bashed out between the guilds so each of them could still enjoy PvP and it did not subtract from the enjoyment of the game. They take game enjoyment to a whole new level and it can be very pleasing as well as restricting to many a player.

Just something to lookout for when you apply to a guild to make sure you know what your letting yourself in for.


PvE Servers

Normally the most played type of server on almost every mmo to date. This type of server will let you go at your own pace without the need to rely of others for protection. And just like the RP servers they range from the hardcore raiding groups to that guilds that only require you to play 5 hours per-week.

The good side of PvE servers is quite evident. You do not have to fear being killed at any point as you go through the game, unless you choose to engage in PvP. If you are a player who wants to truly play this game solo this is your best bet. You will usually find ample groups to do content for those group events raids and so on. You also don’t need to worry about the next group of players you come across killing you repeatedly, in all essence stopping you from playing the game for a number of hours.


With TOR you will be getting the added bonus of the auto PvP flag zones. So, if you happen to want to engage in PvP you can do so with little to no reciprocations. You’ll be free to come and go as you please and PvP as much or as little as you want. You can then continue back to the PvE content without getting hunted down by a hardcore PvP guild, who now want your scalp for messing with one of its members. I know I was hunted for weeks on Ultima for targeting a guild that one of their members ripped me off.

Yes that was a fun time I clocked up over 100 kills before those suckers got me. And the very next day I took out their leader 5 times 🙂 Such is life on a PvP server.  I only stopped when the that member was kicked from the guild :/ I think he ripped a member off from the guild he was in.


Though you may wish to be the big fish in PvP on a PvE server, I don’t see the point myself. It’s like taking a helicopter to a Greenpeace convention. With you saying to someone “You came here on a bike you should see my chopper, now that’s the way to travel in style. ”

Also you quickly become a liability to any group that are not all fully PvP flagged. You will be fighting out some world boss, when a pack of PvP players swoop down upon you and take you out. If you happen to be the tank or the healer of that group expect to be dropped quickly (as this will result in your group normally wiping and the PvP group taking your drops) and best of luck at finding another group once word gets out.

You should also be aware that on a PvE server it can be real hard to find another player to fight with. Nine times out of ten they arrive when you’re down to 10% health fighting a mass of mobs, and you know only too well how the darn thing is going to end.

PvP on a PvE server is rarely any fun 99% of the time you are flagged. Unless you happen to stumble upon a PvP guild, in which case you end up hunting down your victims. In most cases this ends with 20 players beating on one other you happen to come across, then you will always have one moron shouting I pwned you @X **9# Then fails to remember how his 19 other guildy’s played apart in your demise as he was awarded the kill.


I have never been impressed by the highest kill count on a PvE server ever. Sure some do have good PvP players but who would be impressed at the big fish in the very small pond. If you want credit for kills man up and roll on a PvP server.


PvP Servers

This is my server of choice. I know it’s not for everyone and some players really freak-out when they get killed. Outside of the constant childish gank squads that roam the world 10 v 1 rule applies here. Well sorry step up or step out, you’ll get no sympathy from me nor will I pester players that get the better of me.

In fact in my case if I get killed I’m the first to say I was beat fair and square.  Even if I happen to be on 10% HP when I was attacked.

The thing you have to be aware of on a PvP server is other players. If you are not taken notice of who and what is around you, do not make a fuss about it. This is what you signed up for. If you want to play with the big girls and boys so be it, it’s down to you to see players heading your way and in most cases you can beat a hasty retreat long before trouble catches up with you.


You can have great fun on a PvP server. The best coming from open world none scripted group v group encounters. These battles can and do go on for hours. It really can become carnage on a mass scale and one of the greatest memory’s you will ever take from the game. Players flying past you some times you will get targeted by 10 players at a time and still run back for more. All in the knowledge that you are now having the time of your life.

These are the times that you will remember and look back on with great fondness. I guess we gamers are like old fishermen, the stories after the event, are always way bigger, better and a hell of a lot more entertaining than it really was.


Yet, these types of things are fleeting, and are few and far between. Like I said before there is an ever darker side of almost every PvP server I have come across. Those being of those ghastly gank squads.

Whatever the reason, gank squads litter almost every server. For reasons of kill counts, lack of 1v1 skills or just the case to harass small groups and solo players. These can make life a living hell. They can and will totally stop your game in its tracks.

And how you react to them can make all the difference to you. The first rule is not to bad mouth them for getting the better of you, but also do not let them ruin your game. You have a right to play where you wish. It’s always good to make a little peace with you foe. Even when heavily outnumbered.


You have to remember that there is another player on the other side. Although you may not agree with their tactics they are very effective at taking players out. Now this type of play I do not indulge in, this does not say I totally disagree with it. Myself I like a challenge so 5 v 1 or 10 v 1  is not a stance I would ever like to take. I will try to take on 3 at a time solo. In most cases, well almost all I wind up dead. But this act gets me better at playing my class. And can bring you a little respect if done right by your given targets.


You can always choose not to fight, but a warning to the brave that there is few instances this will end well for both party’s involved. So rule of thumb just keep a good distance from an enemy faction (and keep an eye on what you are doing and one on your opposing player). If someone is heading you way and you just want to quest, act before your forced into a no win situation. A well placed stun and moving out of range will get your message across. Only those up for a fight will come after you. In this case you have to fight or flee. Most players will attack you out of fear you will do the same. Removing yourself as a target will usually result in them leaving you alone to get on with the tasks you have at hand.


Not everyone on a PvP server wants to PvP full time. Unlike PvP flagged players on a PvE server if you see one you will be attacked as the chances of another fight may be hours away they will take the chance to gain a kill. This is not applicable on PvP servers, you have a 50/50 chance to fight or go on your way, but in all cases try to be remembered as respectful. Small acts of kindness will make you less of a target and maybe create a new friend that you may at sometime want to play with.


We all want fun in mmo’s and you may not like some of the ways you will untimely be killed, this does not give you or anyone else the right to bad mouth a player or players that got the upper hand. We are all dealt a hand to play with, it’s how you as a player play that hand that is way more important than if you win or lose.


Just a little food for thought when you are considering which type of server you wish to play on. All have good and bad points and it is up to you to pick the one that holds more of what you are after. Picking the wrong type of server will almost kill the game for you.


I hope I helped the few that have still yet to decide. I know writing this helped me no end :).

PvP all the way BABY !!!


So until we meet again, MrWarlock signing off.

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One Response to “Server Types Pro’s And Con’s”

  1. swtorcrafteron 11 May 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Great article!

    I am pretty sure I will roll on a PVP server, ghastly gank squads aside I have had the most fun on those (and the most aggravation too) and unless they come out with some super cool mechanics in the PVP areas of the PVE servers I dont really see a need to roll anywhere else.