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TOR Lore: Server Explanations pt. 3

Published by under community news,Editorial,Lore on Dec. 29. 2011.

On December 20th Star Wars: The Old Republic finally officially went live. To make sure players experience as few queue times as possible they rolled out a bunch of new servers on launch day. Keeping with the tradition of the two previous articles you can find the lore explantion of all these new servers listed below.

Anturi Reach (PVE East): Anturi Reach is a trade route that stretched from Karfeddion in the Senex sector to the Nothoiin Corridor.


Assassins of Sion (PVE East): These Assassins were a sect of covert Force Sensitive killers secretly founded by Darth Revan during the Mandalorian Wars. Captured Jedi and Sith soldiers who were found to be Force-sensitive were taken to the Trayus Academy to be trained as Sith assassins. After Revan was redeemed they served the Sith Triumvirate, being used largely by Darth Sion to hunt down Jedi during the First Jedi Purge. They were disbanded when Meetra Surik destroyed Malachor V.


Atris (PVP EU-FR): Atris was a member of the Jedi Council who survived the First Jedi Purge by hiding out at the polar cap of the planet Telos. While there she surrounded herself in Jedi and Sith Holocrons, as well as Handmaidens who could not sense the Force. She eventually fell to the Dark Side and used Meetra Surik as bait to lure the Sith Triumvirate out of hiding. Meetra defeated the Sith, fought and redeemed Atris, and brought the First Jedi Purge to a close. Atris surrendered herself to the new Jedi Council for judgment for her actions.


Axial Park (PVE East): Axial Park is a massive park on Corellia, the development of cost over 70 billion credits. Players can visit it in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Bacca’s Blade (PVE EU): Bacca’s Ceremonial Blade is a sacred Wookiee sword, created by the legendary Wookiee warrior Bacca from the debris of the first starship to crash on Kashyyyk. The sword is passed from one chieftain to the next, as a symbol of leadership. At one point the blade broke and was lost in the Shadowlands until it was recovered by Revan when he visited the world.


Blotus the Hutt (PVP EU-GR): Blotus the Hutt served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic for a 275-year term. He overcome the stereotypes assigned to members of the Hutt species and is remembered as one of the most prominent beings to serve as Supreme Chancellor in galactic history.


Brianna (PVP EU-GR): Brianna was an Echani warrior who served Atris as one of her Handmaidens. She was considered the weakest of the Handmaidens due to her unnatural interest in the Jedi and their teachings, which she had due to the fact that her mother was a Jedi. On Atris’ orders she joined with Meetra Surik as a spy during the First Jedi Purge, but eventually came to respect Meetra as a comrade and a leader. Meetra trained her as a Jedi and she assisted in bringing the Jedi back from the edge of extinction.


Cho Mai (PVP East): In lightsaber combat, Cho Mai is the act of cutting off an opponent’s weapon hand. It is considered honorable among the Jedi as it shows respect to an opponent by causing minimal physical damage. Darksiders consider the mark to be merciful as they prefer to kill opponents rather than maim them.


Colonel Tobin (PVE East): Colonel Tobin was an officer in the Onderon military until he joined General Vaklu in his attempt to wrest control of Onderon from then Queen Talia. Despite an alliance with the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus, the revolution failed. Tobin was then forced to serve aboard Nihilus’ flagship the Ravager. During the Battle of Telos IV, Meetra Surik boarded the Ravager, intent on destroying the ship. There, she found Tobin and convinced him to help in the destruction.


Crevasse City (PVE East): Crevasse City is a city on Alderaan. It is considered one of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy due to its architectural design and natural beauty.


Darth Malak (PVP East): Darth Malak was once a Jedi Knight and friend of Revan. When Revan called for the Jedi to go to war against the Mandalorians in order to defend the Republic Malak was the first to answer his friend’s call. He was a ferocious force on the battle field, and the Republic’s victory is attributed to his courage and Revan’s brilliant strategies. He fell to the Dark Side along his friend and became Darth Malak, though he rsented being second-in-command to Revan. When a Jedi strike team boarded Reavan’s ship Malak fired upon it hoping to kill his Master. Though he did not succeed, Malak took control of the Sith forces and continued the brutal campaign against the Republic. In a twist of fate Malak was killed by his formed Master, who had returned to the Light Side and led the Republic to victory against the Sith.


Darth Xedrix (PVE West): Xedrix was a human who served on the Sith Empire’s Dark Council. He was killed by Darth Scourge under the order of Darth Nyriss, who was Xedrix’s rival on the Council.


Dol Grenn (PVP EU-FR): Dol Grenn was a Human male and a native of Telos IV who served as a lieutenant in the Telos Security Force. Grenn devoted his life to upholding the law, especially on Citadel Station when it oversaw the Telosian Restoration Project. He helped mount the defense of the station when Darth Nihilus attacked it during the First Jedi Purge.


Drooga’s Pleasure Barge (PVE West): Drooga is an NPC on the planet Nar Shaddaa in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He throws lavish parties on his pleasure barge where the only barrier to entry is a person’s entertainment value.


Dune Bantha (PVE EU): The dune bantha is a subspecies of bantha which originated on Tatooine. It is rangier, less furry and more slender than the common bantha used by the Tusken Raiders as mounts.


Eidolon Security (PVE East): Ediolon Security is a group of enemy NPCs that players can encounter on Nar Shaddaa in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Elysium (PVE East): For millennia, the Elysium has served as the symbolic center of Alderaanian politics. Years before the capital city was founded, the various noble houses met in the Elysium to elect and anoint their first king. Every dispute over succession in Alderaan’s history has been peacefully resolved within its stone walls, and the houses’ greatest treasures are placed in Elysium vaults as a symbol of trust.


Empress Teta (PVE West): Empress Teta was born into nobility on the planet Koros Major and eventually became ruler of the sytem. She ws known as the “Warrior Empress” due to the fact that she personally led her armies into battle and foiled numerous assassination attempts. She unified her lawless system with the aid of the Jedi and helped battle against the Sith during the Great Hyperspace War. Her rule lasted for 175 years and after her death the system she ruled was named Empress Teta in order to honor her memory and the many sacrifices she made for her people.


Exis Station (PVP EU-GR): Exis Station was a Jedi space station in the Teedio system. When a supernova shockwave endangered the Jedi Library on Ossus many of the artifacts stored there were transferred to Exis Station before being moved to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


Fa’athra (PVE West): Fa’athra is a Hutt that and opponent of Suudaa Nem’ro, a fellow Hutt crime lord. He is a NPC in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Firaxan Shark (PVE East): Firaxan Sharks are an aquatic species of predators the lived on the water world on Mannan. Firaxan Sharks were dangerous creatures that could be very aggressive, requiring that underwater explores be very cautious in Firaxan infested waters.


Flames of Crucible (PVE EU): The Flames of the Crucible are a runic language usually tattooed on the members of The Crucible, an organization of slavers. The tattoos held different meanings and could be found on the arms, chest, and even face of anyone within the ranks of the Crucible.


Fort Garnik (PVE East): The area now called Fort Garnik began as a series of makeshift landing pads built on the island of Avilatan for spacers who were too disreputable for the mainland. When separatist bombings destroyed Ord Mantell’s other spaceports, Avilatan became the Republic military’s primary staging area, and its now-substantial landing zone took on strategic importance. Renaming the Avilatan spaceport to “Fort Garnik” in honor of a Republic war hero from Ord Mantell, the military established a fortified garrison there.


Gardens of Talla (PVP East): The Gardens of Talla was an ancient, peaceful site on Ossus, overlooking the Great Jedi Library. It was here that Exar Kun convinced several Jedi students to join him in his journey to Yavin 4, these students became some of the first Darksiders in Kun’s Sith army.


Gauntlet of Kressh (PVE West): The Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger was a Sith artifact created during the time of the old Sith Empire by the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh to make his son invincible. Worn on the user’s forearm, the Gauntlet had the power of preventing anything from touching the wearer without his or her consent, blasting aside anything that attempted to do so with a surge of Dark Side energy. Its protection was sufficient to defend the wearer from a lightsaber strike. In addition to providing protection, it also enabled the wearer to purposely direct such blasts towards chosen targets on a whim, without even needing to turn and face them.


Goluud Corridor (PVE EU): The Goluud Corridor was a treacherous hyperspace route discovered by Jori and Gav Daragon that involved a jump past the unstable red giant Primus Goluud. It was approved by the Navigator’s Guild, until a ship by the name of Zeta Five passed to closely to the unstable star and exploded.


Hanharr (PVE East): Hanharr was a male Wookiee who worked as a bounty hunter, operating primarily out of Nar Shaddaa both during and after the Jedi Civil War. A ruthless hunter and brutal sociopath, he murdered his own tribe in cold blood and was regarded as one of the most deadly of his profession. While on his home planet he was captured by slavers and brutally murdered them, developing a hatred for being enslaved, though he was not opposed to selling others into slavery. Unlike most Wookiees, Hanharr saw the life debt as just another kind of slavery. Saving his life and earning his life debt was an almost assured death sentence, Hanharr would hunt down and kill anyone who earned his life debt. He was eventually killed on Malachor V by bounty hunter turned Jedi, Mira.


ICE Breaker (PVE East): The ICE breaker was a powerful computer slicing tool, which was encoded so that it could only access a computer onboard the Leviathan. A Rodian prisoner aboard the Leviathan traded it to a companion of Revan in exchange for his freedom from the Sith warship’s detention block.


Infinity Gate (PVP East): The Infinity Gates was an ancient network of structures developed by the saurian Kwa species of Dathomir during the Pre-Republic era. They were capable of enabling near-instant interstellar travel between far-flung locations.


Kath Hound (PVE-RP East): Native to the planet of Dantooine, Kath Hounds are about the size of a large dog and were generally docile unless provoked. Some groups and individuals were known to raise Kath Hounds as vicious guard dogs, particularly members of crime syndicates throughout the galaxy.


Keetael (PVE East): Keetael was a Draethos Force tradition which used the Force to increase fighting and hunting skills of those who studied it. Keetael was a mysterious, but not secret tradition, and there were no more than a few hundred adepts at any given time. Though the Keetael recognized the differences between the Light and Dark Side of the Force they did not follow either of them exclusively. Instead, they utilized aspects of each to improve their combat, hunting, and fighting abilities. They felt that following exclusively the light side could cost a victory in battle, while following solely the dark side could lead warriors to become vengeful and selfish beings who put their own importance over those they defended.


Khoonda Militia (PVE East): The Khoonda Militia was a small military group on Dantooine that served as both policeman and protectors of the settlers there. They had a low opinion of the Jedi, blaming them for the hard times that Dantooine fell on after the Jedi Civil War. But when a Mercenary group planned to attack the people of Dantooine, Meetra Surik joined the Militia in repelling the Mercenary forces and protecting the people of Dantooine.


Ki-Ta Kren (PVE East): Ki-Ta Kren is a NPC players can encounter on the planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Lenico Gargantuan (PVE EU-GR): The Lenico Gargantuan was encountered by Teneb Kel, later known as Darth Thanton, on the planet of Lenico IV. The beast attacked Kel as he searched for equipment to repair his crashed ship. Though the beast appeared formidable Kel was able to make short work of it with his double bladed lightsaber and Force Lightning.


Lord Ieldis (PVE-RP West): Lord Ieldis was a Sith Lord of the Old Sith Empire who was responsible for the creation of the Crucible, a massive organization that created standing armies from the refugees created during war.


Perlemian Trade Route (PVE West): The Perlemian Trade Route was a vital trade super-hyperroute that ran through the galaxy. Along with the Corellian Run, it was one of the two routes that made up the border of The Slice, a wedge-shaped section of the galaxy which began at the edge of the Core Worlds and extended through the Colonies, the Inner Rim, the Expansion Region, the Mid Rim, and even the Outer Rim Territories.


Master Dorak (PVE East): Dorak was a Jedi Master who served on Dantooine’s Jedi Enclave Council. He was also a Chronicler of the Jedi during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, and was one of the many Jedi Masters who trained Revan during the future Dark Lord’s time as a Padawan. When Revan lost his memories and was retrained as a Jedi Dorak informed him of the vents that transpired during the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars, which Revan himself was largely responsible for.


Master Gnost-Dural (PVE West): Gnost-Dural was a Kel Dor Jedi Master during the time of the Great Galactic War. He became a keeper of the Jedi Archives near the end of the Great War and wrote a journal about the events that led up to the Cold War.


Murakami Orchid (PVE EU-GR): The Murakami orchid, also known simply as a black orchid, was a species of plant from the Murakam system. Hestizo Trace, a member of the Jedi Agricultural Corps, formed a bond with a Murakami orchid, but the plant ultimately proved to be a danger when Darth Scabrous used it to create a virus for the purpose of eternal life.


Namadii Corridor (PVE West): The Namadii Corridor was a hyperspace route that allowed for quick transit between Coruscant and Bilbringi.


Nathema (PVE East): Nathema, originally known as Medriaas, was the homeworld of the Sith Emperor. It was once a lush and fertile agricultural world on the far outskirts of the Old Sith Empire. However the whole planet was turned into a lifeless void in the Force when the Sith Emperor absorbed all the Force energy from the planet in order to grant him eternal life.


Princess Galia (PVP EU-FR): Galia was a queen of the planet Onderon during the era of the Great Sith War. She married a Beast-Rider and helped bring unity between her people and the Beast-Riders. She also threw of the shackles of the Dark Side that had plagued her family and allied Onderon with the Republic.


Rwookrrorro (PVP East): The capital of Kashyyyk, Rwookrrorro was the home to some of the most famous Wookiees across the course of history. Zaalbar, who journeyed with Revan during the Jedi Civil War, was born here and helped to free the city from the clutches of Czerka slavers. The village was also the future home of Chewbacca.


Sedyn Kyne (PVE East): Sedyn Kyne is a NPC that players can encounter in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Senator Contispex (PVP EU): Contispek was a human senator who became involved with Pius Dea, an anti-alien religious cult. He was eventually named Supreme Chancellor of the republic and began the Pius Dea Crusades, which began a series of violent jihads against alien members of the universe.


Shadow Town (PVP West): Shadow Town is home to imprisoned individuals who were once useful to the Empire and who may be useful still–scientists, assassins and genetic experiments too valuable to kill and too dangerous to release. It is located in the slums of Nar Shaddaa.


Shaltin Tunnels (PVE-RP EU): The Shaltin Tunnels were a hyperspace route between the Corporate Sector, an independant sector created in order to resolve differences between Galactic Republic lawmakers and the heads of many of the galaxy’s largest corporations, and Lianna, a planet in the Outer Rim Territories.


Sluis Shipyards (PVE EU): The Sluis Shipyards were a series of orbital shipbuilding complexes stationed over the planet Sluis Van. The facility was considered to be one of the best in the Outer Rim. However the Sluissi found shipbuilding to be akin to a form of art, and as such they were also considered to one of the slowest shipyards in the galaxy.


Soresu (PVE West): One of the 7 forms of lightsaber combat, Soresu is the most defensive minded of all the lightsaber forms. Masters could deflect attacks from any angle with minimal effort, and some were said to be able to walk through wave after wave of blaster fire on the battlefield and come though unscathed.


Stereb Cities (PVE EU-GR): The Stereb cities were large stone cities made by the Stereb of Serroco. They were destroyed by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Battle of Serroco.


Tassaa Bareesh (PVP EU): Tassaa Bareesh was a Hutt crime lord and a matriarch of Bareesh Cartel operating off of Nal Hutta. Jedi Padawan Shigar Konshi, Republic trooper Larin Moxla, Mandalorian warrior Dao Stryver, and Sith Apprentice Eldon Ax all crossed paths in her palace and first encountered the Hex Droids here.


The Arkanian Legacy (PVE EU): The Arkanian Legacy was a massive vessel designed specifically to hold the Adascorp corporate headquarters, as well as many of its most significant research laboratories. It could house 104,079 humanoid individuals, and included a medical research center, a hospital, an observatory, a university, a concert hall, an arboretum, a conservatory, and an important art museum.


The Bastion (PVP West): A fortress without equal, the Bastion has stood as a center of Republic military planning and analysis for centuries. Massive subterranean databanks contain information on every strategic asset at the Republic’s disposal as well as extensive data on every species, government and organization in the known galaxy. Before the onset of the Great War, the Bastion’s databanks were used to support elaborate simulated war games, with the military’s top officers attempting to use the documented resources in unexpected ways to better prepare the Republic for any threat that might appear.


The Cinzia (PVE EU-GR): The Cinza was the name of a starship owned by Lema Xandret, mother of Sith Apprentice Eldon Ax. The ship was destroyed when pirates encountered it while The Cinza was transporting a group of Hex Droid factories. The crew of The Cinzia chose to self-destruct the ship as opposed to let it fall into the hands of outsiders.


The Courageous (PVE East): Courageous was the name of an Inexpugnable-class command ship during the Mandalorian Wars. It was one of only six of its class in use during the war. The Courageous was under the command of Captain, later Admiral, Saul Karath and served as the flagship of one of the Republic’s battle groups. Commander Dallan Morvis was the ship’s second-in-command, and then-Lieutenant Carth Onasi was a prominent pilot aboard the ship.


The Deadweight (PVP East): The Deadweight was a Galactic Republic Conductor-class short-haul landing craft piloted by Carth Onasi during the Mandalorian Wars.


The Defenestrator (PVE East):The Defenestrator is a NPC that players can encounter in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


The Kumumgah (PVP EU): The Kumumgah were a technologically-advanced race that lived on Tatooine who defied the Infinite Empire. The Rakata punished this by bombarding the surface of the once lush world of Tatooine into little more than fused glass. This eventually crumbled and became desert sand. The extreme climate change split the Kumumgah into two races: the Ghorfas, who evolved into the Sand People, and the Jawas.


The Maw (PVP West): The Maw, or the Maw Cluster as it was sometimes called, was an unstable and mostly unnavigable cluster of black holes located near the planet Kessel. The Kessel Run was a hyperspace lane that navigated near The Maw and used the area’s unstable and dangerous nature as a way of avoiding law enforcement groups.


The Shadow Runner (PVP EU): The Shadow Runner was the personal starship of husband-and-wife pilots Hok and Timar Daragon, the parents of famous hyperspace explores Jori and Gav Daragon. During a battle over the planet Kirrek the Shadow Runner was destroyed, and Hok and Timar Daragon were killed in the process.


The Razor (PVE East): I have looked all over for an appropriate lore explanation for this server name and have been unable to find one. If anyone can direct me towards the meaning I shall edit it in here and credit them for their assistance.


Thendys Noori (PVP East): Thendys Noori is a NPC that players can encounter in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Tott Doneeta (PVP EU): Tott Doneeta was a male Twi’lek from the planet Ryloth. Subjected to slavery in his youth, he was found by Jedi Master Arca Jeth and trained as a Knight of the Galactic Republic. A devout follower of the Force, Doneeta studied alongside fellow apprentices Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma at Master Jeth’s praxeum on Jeth’s homeworld of Arkania. He was a major figure in the Naddist Uprisings and the Great Sith War.


Ula Vii (PVP EU): Ula Vii was an agent of the Intelligence division of the Sith Empire during the Cold War between the Imperials and the Galactic Republic. Vii served his Sith masters by posing as a senior aide in service to the Republic Supreme Commander Stantorrs.


Veeboo Lunx (PVE West): Veeboo Lunx is a NPC players can encounter in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Vodo-Siosk Baas (PVE EU-FR): Vodo-Siosk Bass was a Jedi Master both before and during the Great Sith War. He is notable for being the Master in charge of Exan Kun, the man who would go on the lead the Sith in the Great Sith War. He attempted to turn exar back to the light side numerous times, but eventually became the first Jedi to fall to Kun’s newly designed double bladed lightsaber.


Whitebeam Run (PVE East): The Whitebeam Run was a hyperspace trade route that was popular around 4,000 BBY. The Whitebeam Run was an ore shipping route located in the Stenness system, located in the Stenness Node. The Stenness Hyperspace Terminal was located along this hyperlane.


Zakkeg Beast (PVE West): Zakkegs were rare alpha-predators indigenous to Dxun. Huge, armored quadrupeds, they were solitary and territorial. Even Mandalorians were impressed by someone who killed one, and one could gain great honor for proving one’s success. When Meetra surik arrived on Dxun during the First jedi Purge she killed a zakeg in order to earn the trust of the Mandalorian’s stationed there.


Zayne Carrick (PVE-RP EU-GR): Zayne Carrick was a male Human who was a Jedi Padawan during the Mandalorian Wars. When he was first accepted into the Jedi Order, Zayne was thought by Vandar Tokare to only possess a “marginal” ability in the Force. However, Vandar noted the young boy’s natural ability to form close friendships with his fellow trainees and hoped that initiation would help this ability grow. Zayne possessed a “random destructive power” which referred to his tendency to accidentally cause havoc as well as his reputation as an incompetent PadawanDespite his clumsiness and ineptitude as a Padawan learner, Zayne had a natural ability to form bonds with people, signifying a powerful connection to the Living Force, and was very prone to Force Visions.


Zez-Kai Ell (PVE East): Zez-Kai Ell was a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council during the Mandalorian Wars. After the war he resigned for the Jedi Order because he felt the Jedi did not face the real reasons why so many Jedi left and joined the war. Meetra Surik found him in exile on Nar Shaddaa durning the First Jedi Purge and he agreed to return to Dantooine with the other members of the Jedi Council in order to face the Sith threat. He was killed on Dantooine by Darth Traya.

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