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TOR Lore: Server Explanations Pt. 2

Published by under Editorial,gameplay on Dec. 18. 2011.

In response to long queue times and the need for servers, the folks over at BioWare having been bring up new servers of all types for both the European community and the US since the start of early access. Here are a list of the new servers and the lore explanation for their names. As with my previous list I will not provide a lore explanation for a server if the name is drawn from SWTOR itself to avoid spoilers.

You can find the first list of server names and the lore explanations for them here

Bao-Dur (PVE EU): Bao-Dur was a Zabrak engineer who served under General Meetra Surik, during the Mandalorian Wars and toward the end of the First Jedi Purge. He was a skilled inventor and was responsible for the design, construction and activation of the Mass Shadow Generator. Meetra later trained him in the ways of the Force, and he became skilled in Lightsaber combat.

Darth Andeddu (PVP EU-GR): Darth Andeddu was a Dark Lord of the Sith, and was dubiously thought
of as the forebear of the “Darth” title. Prior to his physical death, Andeddu stored all of his wisdom within a holocron which also contained his most arcane secret: the ability to cheat death by transferring one’s essence into another vessel.

Darth Sion (PVE US-West): Darth Sion was a Sith Lord and member of the Sith Triumvirate during the First Jedi Purge. He first served under Exar Kun during his attempt to conquer the Republic. During this time he was struck down and believed to be killed, but he was able to call upon his hate and rage to hold his body together. This allowed him to achieve as state of near immortality at the cost of living in a state of all-consuming pain and agony. He was eventually defeated by Meetra Surik when she convinced him to let go of his hate and become one with the Force.

Dreypa’s Oubliette(PVE EU-GR): Created by the Sith Lord Dreypa in order to imprison and torture Karness Muur and to contain the hypnotic influence of the Muur Talisman, Dreypa’s Oubliette could theoretically preserve a living being for millennia. Neither conventional sensors nor the power of the Force could penetrate the Oubliette’s skin.

Dxun Battle Circle (PVE EU): The Battle Circle is an arena where Mandalorians test their battle skills and fight for honor. Rules are usually put in place that participants are expected to abide by, such as only using fists or swords to battle with. Meetra Surik fought in a Battle Circle when she visited Dxun during the First Jedi Purge. She defeated all challengers and earned the respect of the Mandalorians there, particularly Mandalore the Preserver.

Exar Kun (PVE EU-GR): Exar Kun was  a Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord who led an attack against the Republic after being corrupted by Sith Holocrons. He was able to turn many young Jedi against the Order by promising to usher in a new Golden Age for the galaxy. He was eventually defeated and had his spirit sealed within his primary base on Yavin 4.

Faustin Academy (PVE EU-GR): The Faustin Academy is one of several Sith Academies active during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that followed. The academy fell into chaos when the entirety of its Sith Lord staff and student body fell victim to a virus that transformed them into undead cannibalistic monsters.

Firkrann Crystal (PVP US-East): A crystal that could be used in the construction of a Lightsaber, when placed in a Lightsaber’s hilt it added an electrical charge to the weapon that was particularly devastating to droids.

Handmaidens of Atris (PVE EU-GR): Atris was a Jedi historian who survived the First Jedi Purge. She gathered many holocrons of the Jedi order, and the Sith, at a hidden base on Telos in an attempt to preserve the knowledge for future Jedi. She though that in order to protect themselves from turning to the Dark Side the Jedi needed a special force of individuals to watch over them, so she created the Handmaidens. These women were trained to resist Force techniques and were incredibly skilled in combat. They were disbanded
when it was discovered that Atris herself was corrupted by the Dark Side and defeated by Meetra Surik.

Infinite Empire (PVP US-West): The name given to the Empire formed by the Rakata before the founding of the Republic. The Rakata built their technology to be powered by the Force, and used this advanced technology to establish a massive Empire that enslaved other species across the galaxy. The Rakata eventually lost their connection to the Force and their Empire crumbled, forcing the Rakata into hiding on their home planet.

Kaiburr Crystal (PVE US-West): The Kaliburr Crystal is an ancient Force relic that would greatly increase a Force Sensitives powers when in close proximity to the crystal. It has been sought after for many years due
to its enhancing and healing abilities. The downside of the crystal was that it would lose these properties when removed from its temple, though shards of the crystal still made excellent focusing crystals for a lightsaber.

Kai-kan (PVP EU): Kai-kan was a reenactment of a famous, usually ancient and very dangerous, lightsaber or sword battle. Only very well trained Jedi attempted to perform Kai-kan, and it was usually used for training or to demonstrate how a lightsaber battle may go to younger members of the Order.

Kathol Rift (PVE US-East): The Kathol Rift was an area of space inside the Kathol sector. It was difficult to maneuver through, as it consisted of a dense accretion of nebulaic material. The Rift was known to induce hallucinations in those who traveled within the vicinity, with the effect often amplified in Force-sensitive beings.

Kellian Jarro (PVE EU): Kellian Jarro is a NPC in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Krath (PVE US-West): The Krath were a secret society founded by aristocrats Aleema and Satal Keto  in the
Empress Teta system.  For some time, the Krath secret society was of little note and played no major part in Tetan politics until Aleema and Seto were trained in the Dark Side by the spirit of the deceased Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. Though the Krath were eventually defeated by the Jedi order the group survived in secret, maintaining their group up though the time of Darth Sidious.

Krayiss Obelisk (PVE US-East): The Krayiss Obelisk was the marker for the entrance to a Sith temple and library on the planet of Krayiss. In order to gain access to the temple a Force User would preform a ritual before the obelisk that would cause the temple to rise from the ground. However a Sith spirit guarded the entrance to the temple and claimed the lives of all it deemed unworthy of learning the Sith secrets stored within.

Ludo Kressh (PVE EU): When the Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos died two Sith attempted to claim control of the Sith Empire, Ludo Kressh and his rival Naga Sadow. Ludo wanted to maintain the Sith’s policy of strengthening their borders while Sadow wanted expansion. Ludo was politically outmaneuvered by Sadow and lost his chance to rule the Sith, and was eventually killed in battle with Sadow when the later returned form his failed attempt to conquer the Republic.

Opila Crystal (PVE EU-GR): A crystal that could be used as a Lightsaber focusing crystal, when placed in a Lightsaber’s hilt it produced an intense blade capable of cutting through almost anything.

Pius Dea (PVP EU-GR): Pius Dea was a group that ruled the Republic as a theocracy for 1,000 years. They were an anti-alien group and believed that followers of other religions were blasphemers. They led many crusades against rival alien sects and non-believers thought their thousand year reign before the met their defeat in what is described as a “legendary encounter.”

Rogue Moon (PVE EU): Rogue Moon was the nickname of an anomalous unnamed planetoid in the Taris system. The moon sat in the middle of an asteroid field, but had a retrograde orbit, traveling in the opposite direction of the asteroids around it causing it to be bombarded heavily by the other asteroids. The moon was the site of the Jedi trials for Padawans studying in the Jedi Tower on the planet Taris.

Sith’ Ari (PVE EU): The Sith’Ari is the Sith equivalent of the Jedi Chosen One. It was said that the Sith’Ari would destroy the Sith, while at the same time making them more powerful than they ever were before. The prophecy was eventually fulfilled by Darth Bane, who engineered the destruction of his fellow Sith when he found their teaching to be flawed while at the same time establishing the “Rule of Two” which stated that there would be no more than two Sith at any one time, a Master and an Apprentice. His teachings eventually paved the way for the rise of Darth Sidious.

Telos Restoration Project (PVE US-East): The Telos Restoration Project was a program funded by the Republic with the intention of returning life to the war ravaged surface of Telos. The project introduced
flora and fauna from across the galaxy to the planet while utilizing a planetary shield to block off the harmful environment from the restoration zones. The project was considered a flagship at the time, the success of failure of the program would determine if the Republic would make similar efforts to restore war ravaged planets across the Outer Rim. The project succeeded with the help of Meetra Surik.

Thana Vesh (PVE US-East): A NPC in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Constant (PVE US-East): The Constant was one of three ships to discover the planet Naboo, along with the Mother Vima and the Beneficent Tasia.

The Corsair (PVE US-East): The Corsair was a Sith warship capable of ripping the core form a Star, causing a solar flare that would destroy anything in its path. It was initially a flagship of Naga Sadow when he attempted to conquer the galaxy. It later was discovered and used by Exar Kun when he fell to the Dark Side.

The Exile’s Crystal (PVP EU): On rare occasions a Force Sensitive will stumble across a crystal that resonates with them personally. These crystals absorb and channel the Force energies of their user and become stronger as the user becomes more in tune with the Force. While on Dantooine Meetra Surik, who was also known as the Jedi Exile, found such a crystal and incorporated it into her lightsaber. She went on to use the lightsaber against the Sith Triumvirate and, presumably, when she joined Revan in the Unknown Regions after the defeat of the Sith.

The Krath Enchanter (PVP EU-GR): A ship belonging to Aleema and Satal Ketto at the beginning of the Great Hyperspace War, the ship was destroyed by Republic forces when it attempted to break through a Republic blockade surrounding Onderon.

Trayus Academy (PVP EU): The Trayus Academy was an ancient Sith academy located on the planet Malachor V. Revan discovered the abandoned structure during the Mandalorian Wars and the buried relics of Sith civilization that he uncovered paved the way for his fall to the Dark Side and inspired his attempt to conquer the Galactic Republic during the Jedi Civil War. After his defeat the Academy was used as a base by the Sith Triumvirate until the planet was destroyed when Meetra Surik activated the Mass Shadow Generator on the planet’s surface.

Uthar Wynn (PVP EU): A Sith Master and Headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Jedi Civil War, Uthar Wynn was in charge of deciding which recruits would receive Sith training by pitting the recruits against each other in order to prove their worth. He was killed when his apprentice, Yuthura Ban, and Revan joined forces to slay him.

Ven Zallow (RP-PVE US-East): A Jedi Master during the Sith Invasion of the galaxy, Master Zallow led the defense of the Jedi Temple when Darth Malgus and the Sith forces attacked. He fought against Darth Malgus before being cut down by the Sith Lord. The last thing he saw before he died was Sith forces sacking Coruscant.

Wall of Light (PVE US-West): A wall of light was an immense manifestation of potentially destructive Light Side Force energy. When performed successfully, a wall of light allowed participants to effectively contain or purge the power of the dark side from a specific location, or sever an especially dangerous darksider from their Force connection. It is one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, Force technique for Light Side users.

Zaalbar (PVE US-West): A Wookiee, Zaalbar was banished form his tribe when he attacked his brother Chuundar with his claws after discovering that his brother was working with Wookiee slavers. Using your claws when attacking is a great taboo among the Wookiees; they see their claws as tool, not weapons. During his exile he ended up swearing a life-debt to Revan and returned with him to Kashyyyk. While there Revan helped Zaalbar expose his brother’s treachery and killed him, leading the Wookiees to drive the slavers from their planet.

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