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Stephen Reid Weighs in on In-Game Events

Published by under community news on Mar. 29. 2012.

During the Guild Summit it was announced that Game Update 1.2 will include, among many other things, that players can expect to see some in-game events starting up. Now the details as to what these events will be and what players can expect to see from them is scarce, but recently SWTOR’s Community Manager, Mr. Stephen Reid, has offered up some more tidbits of data to give players some idea of what they can expect.


It was a player by the name of Azzras who first sparked the discussion with the following forum post.


During the Guild Summit it was mentioned that there would be events in SWTOR, maybe something like Life Day (not exactly that, but you get my point).

When will we see our first in-game event?

Will this be in 1.2?



After this many players chimed in what their hopes and ideas for game events, and it wasn’t long before Mr. Reid made his first appearance in the thread, offering up the following post.


We have a dedicated team within the larger development team that’s working on in-game events. Our definition of ‘events’ are time-limited, game-wide events that hopefully many of you will get to see.

The team has been hard at work putting an event together that will… manifest after Game Update 1.2 reaches the live servers. The event will be quite widespread and should be hard to miss.

There are already plans for events in the future as well, but details on those will have to wait. We want there to be an element of surprise.


While that may have been the end of the official response on the issue in most cases the community kept on discussing the topic and Mr. Reid decided to track down the team in change of developing these events in order to give players a little more information about what we can expect to see. Here is the  extra info straight from the SWTOR events team, as relayed to us by Stephen Reid.


Thanks for the questions, everyone. I chatted with the events team and got a few more details for you.

Originally Posted by dosadnik
1. Are you going to announce like “Today we are having the [insert name here] event” or is it just going to happen.

2. Is it going to be more like a 1 day thing or more like a 1 week thing?
We’d like it to be a surprise, so we probably won’t announce it in advance. Heck, we’ve said too much already.

It won’t just be a day, but we can’t tell you the total length right now – mostly because it might be extended depending on popularity.

Originally Posted by Mephane
I don’t like the idea of stumbling into a one-time event, playing along, doing whatever there is to do, and then end up learning afterwards of the things I did not see or know of.

That’s fair. Knowing our community, I fully expect every aspect of any event to be quickly dissected and the details spread far and wide very quickly. In fact, it’ll probably be tougher just to avoid spoilers!

That said, we’ll monitor the community reaction during the event and if it seems people are ‘missing stuff’ we’ll try and ensure that the method of seeing (or getting) that ‘stuff’ is made clear(er) so people get their chance.

Also, right now our initial event does not feature any ‘rare drops’, so hopefully that’ll ease any RNG pain.

Originally Posted by Felioats
I rather like the events I’ve seen in another game, which are unique quests, monsters and loot surrounding a story that’s only around for some-odd weeks.

I think you’ll like our event plans then.

With that said, I want to manage people’s expectations. The events team has been working on this event (and future events) but they’re a small sub-team of the main development team. So I’m afraid to say…

Originally Posted by JPLaro
Big planetary battle!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epic planet size pvp and

… that is a bit outside of their scope.

We still think you’ll have some fun. Roll on Game Update 1.2!


So what do you make of Stephen’s comments? What kind of events would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below!

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