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Players Unable to Log Into Account Despite Being Charged For Subscriptions

Published by under Breaking News,community news on Jan. 21. 2012.

Players who try and log into their accounts today could be met with an unfortunate surprise. There have been reports of players being unable to log into their accounts, seeing the “No Active Subscription” message when they attempt to log on.


Right now there is no word on what is causing the problem. On player I spoke to informed me that after confirming that all his account info was correct, which it was, he noticed that his account was showing the amount of days they have remaining and even the next billing period (2/20/12). Despite this he is still unable to log into his account, and attempting to delete his subscription and set it up again provided no fix. He did state that no charges had yet to show up in his payment history, but other players on the forums are claiming that they have been charged and still cannot log in.Customer support lines are tasked to capacity at the moment so be sure to remain patient if you are attempting to contact them regarding this issue.


BioWare has yet to make any sort of public statements about the issue but we will be watching the official site and will give you an update as soon as we are able.


Update: Players who were unable to log in are now reporting that they are able to access their accounts once again. Still no word on what was causing the issue, but for now everything seems to be fixed at least temporarily.


Update: At 1:50 pm central standard time Allison Berryman had this to say about players being unable to log in; “Hi everyone – we are currently investigating your reports and will work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible for those who continue to experience a problem. Thank you for your patience!”


Update: BioWare is now announcing that  the issue has been resolved for “many” individuals and they are continuing their investigation into the potential cause of this issue. They promise more updates as the situation unfolds but it seems as though it is still possible that players could see a temporary lockout.

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