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James Ohlen Wants to Know “What Kind of Open World PvP Excites You?”

Published by under community news on Mar. 29. 2012.

Today a new post popped up on the forums from Stephen Reid that relayed a question from Game Director James Ohlen. What Ohlen wants to know is this, what kind of Open World PvP do players like the most and what kind of Open World PvP do players want to see in SWTOR?


Now it is no secret that players have be hoping for a more interesting Open World PvP ever since the release of SWTOR. Well no everyone has a chance to weigh in and share their opinions with the big man himself. Here is the official post on the subject.


What kind of Open World PVP excites you most?

You can vote in the attached poll. Here are some more details on each type of objective:

‘Raw’ Open World – faction vs faction, with no faction population restriction mechanics AKA ‘true’ Open World PvP. Factions claim objectives.

PvPvE balanced – bolstering the underdog faction through NPCs, turrets, etc. Factions claim objectives.

Faction population capped – strict balancing in place between faction populations in objective areas. Factions claim objectives.

Guild based – everyone is your enemy except players in your guild. Guilds claim objectives.

Remember, you can follow James on Twitter @JamesOhlen; you can follow our main account @SWTOR.


You can head over to the forums and vote in the official poll here. The poll will only be open until April 4th, so be sure to get over and weigh in if this is a subject near and dear to your heart. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below as well!

4 responses so far

4 Responses to “James Ohlen Wants to Know “What Kind of Open World PvP Excites You?””

  1. Primeon 29 Mar 2012 at 6:14 am

    Good morning fellas,

    I spend most of my time in the game pvping. I have made my suggestions on the appropriate forums and I am glad you brought this to us – much appreciated, sirs and ma’ams.

    PvP based on the breakdown you gave would say to me that you’re on the right track. Specifically I support the Open World “Raw” PvP and PvPvE. Its important to continue to add value to existing areas but brings in overlapped quests for Empire and Republic so it forces them to feed from the same questing areas and allowing an “authentic” PvP experience happen at the control of the player. I suppose to “balance” for pve’ers – you could have some of the quests NOT overlap so you can continue this separation we currently have (I don’t supoprt it, leveling was quite boring with no world pvp options).

    Thanks and take care,


  2. Roadblockon 29 Mar 2012 at 10:50 pm

    I always like objective based pvp to something greater. Like warhammer had. But my Idea for the game is. picture this you are in your ship (FULL CONTROLLED) ship and your fighting other players in the space above the planet.
    2 things have to happen 1. You have to shoot down the ship and you jettison to the planet in and escape pod or 2. And this one is for the guild armada. you have to take down the shields board the ship and confront the whole guild in the ship. you would only get 3 chances to spawn. After the 3 rd respawn you get jettison automatically to the planets nearest warcamp/base.
    In the base, you would have a speeder available to the nearest for in which you have to build several defenses. to defend it. damn we can be here all day this is better if I was voice recording it….lol…anyways moving on. for those that have conquered the other they have to watch the objective meter on the planet on who is in control of the several objectives. If the planet is over come no one can land there but the faction that took over all objectives and the enemies base. there is a ton of stuff that I have in mind but to long to post……. but let your imagination run wild….;)

  3. Jeff Moelleron 30 Mar 2012 at 5:00 am

    I just want them to fix Ilum open world PvP! I think some kind of guild based PvP would be cool but I think there are other things for them to focus on first.

  4. genealogymasteron 11 Apr 2012 at 5:58 pm

    I’m not really interested in pvp. I am however interested in being able to play content, like flashpoints and heroics which is impossible to do on my server as there may be 6 on a planet or the fleet during prime time. Not a very healthy server. So even 1.2 holds little for me as it does not address this epidemic problem.