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Economic Chages Heading Our Way in 1.1.5

Published by under community news on Mar. 02. 2012.

Georg Zoeller shared an exciting new blog post that gave players a sneak peak at some economy changes coming our way in the near future. In a particularly awesome touch it was presented to us in a nice little story fashion, making it the first blog post that was full of a little lore flair (keep it up Georg!).


According to the post we should be seeing a decrease in the speeder prices of certain high end models, as well as the ability to sell back speeders they already purchased. It also looks like the tier 1 and 2 speeder licenses are going to be reduced in price, though the tier 3 speeders may be seeing an increase in price to offset these discounts. Make sure to keep an eye on all the speeder vendors once 1.1.5 drops to check out all the changes.


It also looks like players can expect to see a bunch of new color crystals coming to the fleet for them to purchase. These will including purple crystals for the Republic players, high level black-yellow crystals at the pre-order crystal vendor, and some of the rare white crystals everyone has been talking about since a player was able to obtain one through an exploit (the player had his crystal taken away once it was determined that he gained it through illegitimate means). No word yet on the pricing of these crystals, but don’t be surprised if some of the rarer crystals set you back a large amount of credits.


Head on over to the SWTOR site and read the full post in all its story-based glory for the full rundown.

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5 Responses to “Economic Chages Heading Our Way in 1.1.5”

  1. chiggson 02 Mar 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Really the way he obtained it wasnt an expoit either per say. They had originally added it into the game to drop from a certain mob and/or World Boss. He had happened upon the mob, defeated them and received the crystal as a drop. When he re-zoned, he noticed it was no longer in his inventory and sent in a Petition to have it given back, which infact they did do, but than realized they had made a mistake and took it back an gave him a small time out, which imho, is utter bullsh!t.

    All in all, SWTOR is a GOOD game, but it could and should have been an utterly Great or amazing game. The lack of Customization of Toons, your Ship and speeders really is sucky, especially when you look at the amount of customization available in a game like City of Heroes, its atrocious. Ships are glorified rest area’s and basically it. Should be able to dial them out to our discretion. Not allowing add-on’s/Client side mods is another sucky thing. Cost of leveling up your Chars is also quite a disappointment tbh. BUT it is NEW so some things lacking are to be expected, just not as much as Bioware has left out, for what ever reason, and thats not even touching on the discrepancies in the Performance issues plaguing the player base atm.

    There is alot to be desired in the game though, as it is well worth playing/buying and it can only get better imo, an will be keep playing until the next few patches.

  2. LOLon 03 Mar 2012 at 11:40 am

    LOL you’re such the White Knight. Of course you’re gonna stick up for the little cheater Catch. You know you’re a guildie of his. Stop the lying already. You know he exploited and you just wanna blame Bioware because he made such a big deal about it and got busted. Are you trying to get him another 15 min of fame? LOL

  3. chiggson 03 Mar 2012 at 4:56 pm

    LOL you’re such a tool, another bioware fanboi no doubt. First off, nope, not a Guildie of his, nor ever played with him, just know the whole story and its not what Bioware would have you believe thats for sure., The game is bugged to shit, they deny theres any performance issues, blamed the player base for the problems, and than when someone got something that was supposed to be in the live version as was in Beta, that they didnt want in right away, because they were planning on adding it in at a later date, probably for a cost, they took the low road, as Bioware has been doing lots lately. So get a grip on reality fool, go play Wow, seems right up your alley..

  4. LOLon 03 Mar 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I’m so sorry that little things like this ruin your life. I play to just have some fun and escape reality for a short period. People like you, live and breathe this game and get sand in their v*ginas over little issues. I understand no company is perfect and am not a fanboy. I’m just a lucky person who hasn’t had any issues that hinder me from playing and enjoying the game. Sucks to be you I guess. You’re just another little child who gets a sense of entitlement just because you pay a measely $14.99 a month. I guess I make so much money that $14.99 is a drop in the bucket to me. Hell, I’m such a fat ass that I spend more than $15 a day on my uber fast food diet. Wanna complain about a waste of your money? Do something useful and get in the war against big oil. That’s a true cause to fight for.

  5. chiggson 04 Mar 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Dude, did you even read my fucking posts?> Or are you so self centered that you just spout off to hear yourself? Certainly seems that way as everything you posted, pertains to me in NO way, shape or form. You’re just another stunned putz that comes of more like a white knight wannabe than anything that I said, Now go fight your war with the big oil companies all you want, me Im gonna go play some SWTOR, perhaps I’ll see your dumbass an gank away for something to do, perhaps give you something to bitch about…Chump.