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BioWare Promises To Crack Down On Gold Sellers, Fraudulent Code Users

Published by under community news on May. 06. 2012.

There are few things that ruin a game quite like gold sellers. There is nothing that will ruin an economy quite like hackers who flood the market with their ill gotten game money. The fact these this kind of actions even take place astounds me. Not the fact that the hackers exist, that is nothing to be surprised about. Continue Reading »

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Economic Chages Heading Our Way in 1.1.5

Published by under community news on Mar. 02. 2012.

Georg Zoeller shared an exciting new blog post that gave players a sneak peak at some economy changes coming our way in the near future. In a particularly awesome touch it was presented to us in a nice little story fashion, making it the first blog post that was full of a little lore flair (keep it up Georg!).


According to the post we should be seeing a decrease in the speeder prices of certain high end models, as well as the ability to sell back speeders they already purchased. It also looks like the tier 1 and 2 speeder licenses are going to be reduced in price, though the tier 3 speeders may be seeing an increase in price to offset these discounts. Make sure to keep an eye on all the speeder vendors once 1.1.5 drops to check out all the changes.


It also looks like players can expect to see a bunch of new color crystals coming to the fleet for them to purchase. These will including purple crystals for the Republic players, high level black-yellow crystals at the pre-order crystal vendor, and some of the rare white crystals everyone has been talking about since a player was able to obtain one through an exploit (the player had his crystal taken away once it was determined that he gained it through illegitimate means). No word yet on the pricing of these crystals, but don’t be surprised if some of the rarer crystals set you back a large amount of credits.


Head on over to the SWTOR site and read the full post in all its story-based glory for the full rundown.

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