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Choose Your Side Trailer

Published by under Bounty Hunter,Jedi Knight,video on Oct. 07. 2011.

Here we go with the trailers again. Just when you think they’ve shown everything they have to show in video form, sans live streaming all 50 levels of the game, Bioware starts another amazing series of trailers. New trailers, including today’s, are focusing on showcasing a single class from each side of the conflict, urging future players to “Choose their side”. Reminiscent of the epic fight between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi the first trailer pits a Jedi Knight versus a Bounty Hunter class. The trailer consists of commentaries by writers and game designers that designed these classes and we get some great in-game footage of the two fighting it out. Jedi Knight with his “up in your face” combat style and Bounty Hunter trying to keep his distance at all costs makes up for one great trailer full of action. No matter how much make up you apply to it or no matter how many great CGI cinematic you throw out, the in-game stuff is always the best part of any trailer for me. Every time I am reminded why I am a fan of the game, because all in0game footage looks exactly as I imagined it should look. Enjoy the first Choose Your Side trailer and tell me – who wins the fight – Knight or Hunter?


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Jedi Knight Video Shows Class Progression

Published by under Jedi Knight,video on Mar. 25. 2011.

As part of this Friday Update we get a surprising new feature. It is a video showing progression of a class from the very beginning with some early combat, through advanced class branching and finally we realize that the character is capable of awe inspiring feats as it reaches its full potential. The honor to be featured this way goes to the Jedi Knight (according to some sources the most popular class among game testers). It was very fun to see how the Jedi Knight goes from practice sword to light saber and how armor looks better and better as the character gains more experience. Also, I must say I am amazed by how epic both advanced classes feel and look with their final armors. You can check out the official Friday update page here or watch the video bellow:

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News – Community Edition

Published by under community news,Jedi Consular,Jedi Knight,speculation on Nov. 11. 2010.

We are still digesting all the official news on crafting and PvP we got last week. Personally, I am content for at least a few more weeks because the last week reveal was just so major. Still, there are a lot of great SWTOR related, community created content out there that I had to bring your attention to some of the more important ones.

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Patrick Lambert aka. Darth Dendory and he has his own blog as well. The reason I want to mention him is the very cool SWTOR comic he is making. He is actually creating his comic with 3D models of a super sexy Twil’ek Sith and I would recommend you go through his comics because they are a lot of fun and he puts out a new one quite often.

Ask a Jedi stumbled across some really great news posted on a French site Apparently those guys sat down for 6 hours and played Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular. The exciting part of this is that this is the first time (as far as I know) that anyone got a chance to play these Jedi classes. The amazing thing is that the article describing the experience got pulled because the embargo on information is not lifted yet. Luckily, Ask a Jedi saved the article and they even translated it from French. You can read the full article here.

For the first time in months, I am anxious and wondering about what will the official Friday update bring tomorrow? In the meantime make sure to check out the SWTOR community created content.

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Community news watch returns

Published by under community news,GamesCom,Jedi Knight on Aug. 16. 2010.

gamescom booth being built

GamesCom 2010 hands on Swtor booth being built

Although we are in the middle of packing for GamesCom and the excitement is almost palpable we wanted to bring you this week’s community news, at least the short version.

Star Wars Celebration V convention has ended and TOR was present with two panels. Darth Hater had the best coverage of the events and has exclusive interviews with writers Drew Karpyshyn (talked about the Jedi Knight) and Hall Hood (talked about the Smuggler) and concept artist Clint Young (talks about the artsy stuff).

Jedi Knight update was very exciting, especially with the cool trailer video that was released as well. Our friends at Jedi Archive Online did a very good dissection of the video, which you can find here.

Tor Syndicate, which we will be joining shortly, has their PodCast no.2 up and they yet again manage to provide loads of good information for anyone considering to make a SWTOR fansite or guild site. As if that wasn’t enough, they have an interview with ex SWTOR community manager Erick Adams. You can listen to “The Revenge of Darth Meow Meow” if you visit this page.

The sweetest thing as last. There is another SWTOR fan webcomic being created. Outer Rim stories just posted their first panel up and it is exactly the same idea I had for our comic when I heard about the details on space combat (including the Emo Darth Vader “Nooooooo”). Go, check them out here.

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Jedi Knight Guardian and Sentinel

Published by under Jedi Knight,video on Aug. 13. 2010.

This Friday’s update has provided us with details on the advanced class choice you can make as a Jedi Knight. As seen in the scanned PC Gamer footage the advanced specializations are the Sentinel (dual lightsaber wielding damage dealer) and the Guardian (tank and buffer). Official’s site Holonet Jedi Knight page has been update with the new information. It has also been revealed that the associate for Jedi Knights will be the Astromech T7-01 droid. He got his own Holonet page as well in the biographies section.

The awesome trailer of the Jedi Knight class, that has been released alongside this update, shows that Jedi Knights will start on Tython. They will have some sort of force jump ability to get them up close and personal with their enemies (sort of like a warrior charge in WoW). There seems to be some sort of a buff ability for troops around the Knight (in that trooper scene). Saber deflection of laser fire is probably higher if you are a Guardian. Saber throw is another skill seen in the video as well as some sort of Chuck Norris high kick! I also must note that the graphics are looking mighty sweet and things look a lot more polished. From the look of things this is the class I personally will be going for.


Jedi Knight 1 Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Knight 1 (Guardian) Jedi Knight 2 (Guardian) Jedi Knight 1 (Sentinel)
Jedi Knight 2 (Sentinel)

Concept art

Jedi Knight concept art 1 Jedi Knight concept art 2 Jedi Knight concept art 3 Jedi Knight concept art 4

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