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SWTOR’S First Maintenance Update And The Patch Notes

Published by under Breaking News on Dec. 29. 2011.

The first maintenance update has come and gone since SWTOR has released.  Even though there was a lot of QQ-ing about the length of the update and that it went beyond the planned downtime schedule, I still see it as a success.  There were a lot of things they addressed in this first update that had been giving players fits in game and it shows us that they indeed are listening to the feedback they are receiving via the forums and I am assuming through their in game ticket system.

You can find the posting of the patch notes on the site here, now lets look at these and see from a player’s perspective some of the changes they have made and how they affect us.

 Classes and Combat

Combat Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that could cause the global cooldown to display incorrectly in the UI.
Abilities that require Companion Characters now always correctly require a companion.
NPCs no longer attempt to engage vanity pets in combat.

Imperial Agent

The tooltip for Acid Blade now displays the correct information.

Companion Characters

Kira Carsen
Fixed an issue that could cause Kira’s affection progression to become blocked.

Bug Fixes
Companion Character dialogue now plays at the correct volume.

Crew Skills

Gathering Skills
Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes.

Bug Fixes
Corrected an issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear as unharvestable.

Flashpoints and Operations

Mandalorian Raiders
Crowd control immunity has been removed from several members of the Enemy Boarding Party.

Colicoid War Game
An issue that prevented some players from mounting turrets in this Flashpoint has been corrected.

The Red Reaper
Darth Ikoral now uses his abilities correctly.

Directive 7
Mentor now resets correctly if he defeats the player group.

Bug Fixes
All players in a group who have a daily Flashpoint mission now get credit for completing that Flashpoint.

Eternity Vault
Fixed an issue that could cause players to instantly die when affected by Soa’s knockback.
Turrets in Normal Mode no longer behave as turrets from Hard Mode.
Players are now able to properly obtain loot from chests.
The Ancient Pylons now spawn enemies at the correct intervals.

Karagga’s Palace
Players no longer need to reset this Operation if they do not defeat Bonethrasher.
Corrected an issue that caused some players to become stuck at the throne room door.


Bug Fixes
PvP lockboxes can no longer be sold for credits.
Fixed incorrect item rewards from PvP leveling lockboxes.

Missions and NPCs

A New Master: Defeating Teeno no longer causes him to surrender on top of Phyne, making him difficult to interact with.
General Faraire: All of Khourlet’s Elite Guards are now accessible by the player.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a mission-related issue that could cause poor performance and client crashes on Taris for some players.

Bug Fixes
Corrected several instances of non-interactive NPCs appearing and disappearing from the player’s view.


Rewards for winning Warzones have been increased.
Warzone completion rewards have been decreased.

Bug Fixes
Corrected an issue that could prevent some players from entering the Voidstar.
Made adjustments to prevent attacking players from reaching the doors in the reactor core before bridges are extended.


Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that could prevent players from accepting pending mission rewards.
Targeting a friendly player no longer occasionally displays incorrect text for the character’s name.
Corrected an issue that could cause some auction expirations to behave incorrectly.
The splash screen no longer displays longer than the “accept changes” dialogue when changing resolutions on some computers.
Master Looter now works correctly for items being looted from chests.
The server select screen no longer displays over the character select after being disconnected for being away.
Corrected an issue that could cause mission mapnotes to disappear when a new mission is obtained.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
Special characters no longer display incorrectly in the French credits.
Remaining baby names have been added to the credits.
Corrected a link that displayed in French and German versions when the servers are unavailable.


We could go into detail with each issue they fixed but for the sake of your time I will just point out some of what I feel are the big ones and the ones I have heard a lot of players vent their frustration about in general chat on our server.  The first issue that I personaly was very glad to see get fixed was this:

Bug Fixes
Corrected an issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear as unharvestable.

This one particular issue drove me nuts!  As a dedicated crafter one thing that I was constantly running into was the fact that about 40% of the resource nodes I was finding on all the worlds I was visiting were not harvest-able.  That was very aggravating to waste my time clearing a spawn out to be able to get to the node and then not be able to harvest it.  Very good choice IMO of one thing that needed some serious attention.  This will go a long way to spurring the economic markets into life for sure.

Bug Fixes
All players in a group who have a daily Flashpoint mission now get credit for completing that Flashpoint.

This was a very aggravating issue that I personally had been affected with.  When doing some of the daily flashpoints you were unable to turn it in on your fleet to get credit which meant you did not get the monetary and exp rewards for the hour and a half you just spent doing them.  This was very frustrating and honestly it kept me from doing them any more when I first was hit by this bug.  Now that they have fixed it I look for more people to return to doing this daily system making it easier for us all to find a group.

When you look through the list you can see that they are definitely addressing many different areas and issues.  Some may affect you and the class you play and some may not but it is encouraging to see them make changes for the better in so many different areas across the board.  This gives me hope that Bioware will be on top of this and that if we get hit by a bug that impedes your progress hopefully you wont have to suffer with it long before it is fixed!

5 responses so far

5 Responses to “SWTOR’S First Maintenance Update And The Patch Notes”

  1. m3gatl20non 29 Dec 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Hey at least the remaining baby names have been added to credits…I mean that is important. Not more than lots of people not able to speak in some chat channels. How clicking to target someone in UI just will often not work. How channel abilities follow you through walls and out of range. Loading freezing halfway resulting in being kicked out with no grace period to get back in meaning sitting in queue again (if applicable).

  2. Blackjackon 29 Dec 2011 at 4:06 pm

    What about the slicing change? Any pals of mine that were using that are completely enraged about it.

    imho, Bioware dropped the ball in patch notes in terms of not giving a more thorough explanation for that change. Even just “Slicing was earning an outrageous profit that we never intended it to, and that would’ve messed up the entire in-game economy” would’ve been more informative and maybe tempered the ongoing rage more than “we brought it into line with other crafting skills.”

  3. Swtorcrafteron 29 Dec 2011 at 6:25 pm

    @m3gatl20n -yeah i know lol! I am still kinda confused as to what that’s all about with the baby names 😛

    @Blackjack -not trying to be a jerk about the whole slicing thing but honestly I don’t feel sorry for anyone who is upset about something like that. They just need to move on and think outside the box to find a credit earning strategy. There are plenty of other imbalanced mechanics of the game to use to earn credits at a higher rate than what was intended, they just need to be flexible and move on.

    Honestly anyone who has played a MMO before full well knows that a company once they are aware of an imbalance like that has to fix it. It is stupid business sense on their part to allow something like that to continue when it has the potential of destabilizing a MMO economy. If those people who are QQ-ing about it don’t realize that then wow, they are oblivious to the bigger picture.

  4. Forcemasteron 30 Dec 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Bad news is, I found quite a few nodes on Coruscant that were not harvestable after the patch (and yes, I had the ability to do so).

  5. Rosieon 06 Jan 2012 at 9:00 am

    Well i can consider that the baby names was all the babies that were born during the making of this epic. I have seen this on some movie credits. And I mean the babies of staff members.

    And as of today there are still nodes that are not harvestable. But i figured out why. The person before/first did not actually TAKE the items in the node. so it gave them a credit for the attempt, but maybe the inventory was full. When this happens the loot stays in the node and can no longer be harvested. I am not sure how they can fix this other then maybe something similar to some of the quest items you have to “gather”. They have ones that you click twice. once to open then again to get the item. Which means i can open ALL the items, and choose not to take the item, or someone can click on that quest item and “steal” my stuff right after i opened the box.

    Now i hate to have my stuff stolen so that is not what i would think they would want to move to. But maybe if the node resets after being gathered, wether or not there is anything left in it…

    ok it is 1 am and i may not be making sense

    Rosie (off to bed)