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SWTOR Wins Game Of The Year At

Published by under Breaking News on Dec. 31. 2011. powered by IGN has released it’s video games of the year awards and SWTOR has been chosen by them as “MMO of the year for 2011”.

While this is no surprise to us the fans that have followed SWTOR since it’s initial announcement over three years ago, there really was no question for us.  SWTOR was always our “game of the year” and has been for the last three years!

Still, it is nice to see Bioware recognized by the big sites in the gaming community and given their due for a truly awesome game and a stellar launch.  So far in my experience SWTOR has had an amazing launch and has done very well and based on the performance of so many other MMO’s in the last few years it looks like SWTOR is here to stay.

Here is part of what had to say about SWTOR you can see the full article here.


We’re still logging hours in a galaxy far, far away to bring you our full review, but this award should give you an idea how we feel about BioWare’s long-awaited Star Wars MMO. From day one, the renowned RPG studio said it would set its game apart from the competition with story, voice, and choice — and we’ll be a scruffy nerf herder, BioWare has delivered.

Whether playing as a member of the Republic or the Empire, as a Jedi, Sith, or any of the other classes, our staff was sucked into SWTOR by its well-written storylines — storylines we likely would have glossed over if they weren’t delivered with a staggering amount of recorded dialogue. Add in BioWare’s signature dialogue trees and the element of choice, and we’ve become fully immersed in SWTOR unlike any MMO before it.

So what do you think at this time of reflection, when you look back on the last year you spent with SWTOR?  Is it your game of the year?  Was the time you spent following, reading about and playing it worthwhile?

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2 Responses to “SWTOR Wins Game Of The Year At”

  1. Blackjackon 06 Jan 2012 at 6:38 pm

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    It would get my vote in terms of addictiveness and fun factor. 🙂 Though I’m not deaf to the fact the official forums (check Darth Hater’s default dev tracker to see just how much forum moderation Bioware has to do) suggest lots of people still can’t install the game, load the game, run the game, install its patches without re-loading the entire client all over again, get a playable frame rate, etc. etc.

    I suspect a lot of gaming news sites will give SWTOR its mmorpg of the Year award but give their overall Game of the Year awards to Skyrim or perhaps Battlefield 3 (due to FPS motion sickness issues, I passed on both).

  2. Swtorcrafteron 06 Jan 2012 at 8:34 pm

    @blackjack, honestly why would anyone need to check the dh dev tracker when they have a superior custom coded, searchable dev tracker right here? see top of page for link. 🙂