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Ancient Hypergates Gameplay Video

Published by under Breaking News on Aug. 16. 2012.

We’re in Cologne, Germany and we visited the SWTOR booth, where we found level 20 characters fighting it out in a new warzone. The objective of the warzone is to activate the two pylons which then start a countdown before they explode. To save yourself from the explosion all players must go to the middle room where they fight it out until the explosion is over. All the while each kill brings you closer to activating a special end event that will defeat the losing team for good. This last special effect is still not present in the game but we can now show you footage of how the warzone is played in this exclusive video in all its glorious HD quality (and people passing by)

One response so far

One Response to “Ancient Hypergates Gameplay Video”

  1. darhanion 17 Aug 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I was able to play the new warzone twice and I really liked it! Of course it was only a short insight and not really comparable to “real” pvp ingame, as some of the people playing with/against me seemed to not have any idea of what to do and obviously just wanted to test the game ^^
    But I like the concept of this warzone and the way points are counted / granted (kills connected with the generator overloads). The map is pretty small with short ways, which caused many fights. I’m really looking forward for this warzone to go live! 🙂