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PAX SWTOR panel full video

Published by under Events,PAX Prime,video on Sep. 05. 2010.

The biggest event for The Old Republic fans was SWTOR panel. We got loads of new media and information and was there to cover the whole event and provide us with a video showing all the great stuff revealed. Here are some of the things you can see in the videos below:

  • Jedi gameplay and backstory on Tython (Part 2 video)
  • Awesome footage of your Jedi character’s lightsaber being created (reminiscent of the deleted scene shown at this year’s Celebration V) (Part 2 video)
  • More Republic group gameplay and dialogue footage (Part 2 video)
  • Empire group gameplay and dialogue (Part 3 video)
  • Companions seen in group action (Part 3 video)
  • PvP(vE)? There is some Empire group footage that ends with Empire group meeting up with Republic group after some PvE content (Part 3 video)
  • Live multiplayer demo with members of the SWTOR fan site community controlling the characters. Darth Hater, TOROCast and LordHammer representing Guild Umbra and TORSyndicate were the ones involved (Part 3 video)

I would like to point you to Ask A Jedi’s article on the whole thing here. They deserve a visit.

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