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Developer dispatch no.5 – the Dark Side Design

Published by under Sith Inquisitor,video on Jan. 02. 2010.

The latest developer dispatch has been released. It’s the fifth in the series and showcases the Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior, the last two classes of the dark side. The video is of great quality and in HD and we can see a few people actually playing the game, among other things. You can see the interface and “spellcasting” (is the proper term forcecasting?) and how all that works at around 3:50. There seems to be a possibility of adding extra action bars. The bottom of the screen seems to be reserved for all your game info, from character and target HP and MP bars to basic action bar and buffs. Even the radar is placed in the bottom right. I bet there will be many changes to this setup by the time game actually makes an appearance (or we can customize our little hearths out of it … hopefully). Anyways, enjoy the video:

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