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Bounty Hunter Class Video

Published by under Bounty Hunter,video on Mar. 03. 2011.

IGN got another exclusive coverage of The Old Republic by releasing a video for the Bounty Hunter class on a Thursday, one day before the official site releases the information. Just like all the previous class videos this one does not dissapoint and we can see some cool action and voiceover work. Some abilities we never saw before can be seen as well and that scene where the Bounty Hunter is delivering a carbonite frozen victim is just too cool. I am seeing a lot of AoE action and stuns, but in short – explosions, explosions , explosions. You can check out the video bellow:

One response so far

One Response to “Bounty Hunter Class Video”

  1. swtorcrafteron 04 Mar 2011 at 12:25 am

    I loved it, I really liked the carbonite spray and the roll attack. Kinda simillar to the sith warrior jump attack, close the distance and get in your face move.

    I feel they have really captured the look and the feel of the BH nicely in my opinion.

    LOVE IT!