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Bounty Hunter Class Trailer

Published by under Bounty Hunter,Class,video on Mar. 07. 2011.

So here we are. The Bounty Hunter trailer we have all been waiting for. I don’t have to talk about it to explain it, it speaks for it self. Watch and see.

So yeah, I’m a convert. It wasn’t hard to hang up the big guns of the Trooper and find my way here. Good side Bad side, it doesn’t matter to me. all that really counts, is that I get paid. I find the Bounty Hunter appealing, but the fact that I can be a Healer as one is what really draws me to the class. I don’t expect many will play the BH as one, but I will. It will be interesting if I shoot darts at everyone or send out medic Droids to do all the work. I can’t wait.

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