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Galaxy’s Most Wanted: WeekendJedi

Published by under Uncategorized on Nov. 27. 2011.

This week’s Most Wanted comes to us from the EU and has a brand spanking new baby boy to introduce to the world of Star Wars. He goes by the name WeekendJedi, but you can just call him Lee.

What is your name and/or handle?

Lee, @WeekendJedi on twitter



What is your occupation in real life?

Marketing Manager

What Guild do you belong to?

Knights Who Say Ni

What MMO have you devoted most of your time to in the past and why?

World of Warcraft. I started playing shortly after launch, and have played with friends on both EU and US servers. I’ve now retired myself from the game completely, mainly due to the community as a whole and class changes. I played a few other MMOs briefly to try and get away, but the reason why I’ve always defaulted to Warcraft? Polish. There may be some balance issues, but every aspect of the UI, tradeskills and functionality just works. It’s so easy to get into.

What class and advanced class are you planning to make your main? What playstyle are you going to choose?

During my time in Warcraft I mostly played as DPS or Healer, so I have opted to Tank with my main character in SWTOR for a completely different playstyle– and I’ve settled on a Kinetic Combat Shadow Consular.

What made you interested in joining The Old Republic?

The Star Wars IP, combined with Bioware. I’m only loosely aware of most of the extended universe and lore, but I grew up with the original films. Having Bioware adapt that into an mmorpg is just ideal. KoTOR was a great game, but being able to interact with other players, and having no definitive ‘end’ is icing on the cake!

What is your most anticipated feature in TOR and why?

Actually the story lines. KoTOR, Mass Effect and Dragon Age had me hooked, and I’m expecting good things. Especially with eight stories to play through 🙂

Do you classify yourself as hardcore, casual, or something else entirely?

Casual. I’ve played with hardcore guilds in the past and didn’t enjoy it. I like to pick up and play when I can, and fit in raiding / pvp or questing when I feel like it rather than being scheduled. With the addition of baby Luke to our family, this is all the more important to me!

How do you plan to go through your storyline? Do you plan on going Light Side, Dark Side, or will you be “Grey”? Why do you want to play this way?

Initially, Dark Side. It’s a challenge for me as I tend to always gravitate towards the ‘good guy’ response and doing the right thing. Time for that to change 🙂

What game mechanic do you see yourself devoting most of your time to?

I most likely won’t specialize – as I’d like to get involved with all of it. The guild is planning on rolling on a PVP server, so most likely that will be a strong feature as well!

What has been your most memorable Star Wars moment?

Watching the original trilogy for the first time… something I’m looking forward to introducing my son to!

If you are interested in joing the Wanted List contact me at or on twitter @magicjoshrooms.

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One Response to “Galaxy’s Most Wanted: WeekendJedi”

  1. swtorcrafteron 28 Nov 2011 at 6:57 am

    I love this guy he is a great person and a very valuable member of the swtor community on twitter. Great all around chap!

    Great work Josh these are really neat 🙂