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Community Contribution Forums Spotlight

This was created by Dreddon


@Saravi_ to @dawnsrose Ever tried to navigate the swtor Fan Art forum? So much hard work/talent, lost under new posts. There’s got to be a better way!


This is a good point. I have posted in that forum, and I read a couple of people’s work. But, my word, there is a ton of very good products in this forum. Is there truly a better way to organize it? Continue Reading »

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Latest Addition To The Staff At Swtor-Life, Rosie!

Published by under Site news on Nov. 07. 2011.

One of my favorite articles to write is about the addition to the staff here at Swtor-Life.  Today I have the pleasure of bringing you our latest columnist Rosie!  Rosie has an interesting take on the MMO gaming world and will bring a female perspective to the crew here.

She has come up with a creative idea for a weekly column that takes topics from the community and allows her to write off the cuff about the issues you the community find interesting.

Be sure to submit her your ideas for a swtor related article by using the contact us link  with the subject of “Rosie article idea” and you might just get an article written on a topic you requested!
Now lets hear a bit from Rosie about herself,

Continue Reading »

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SWTOR Wins E3, Ask a Jedi Wins SWTOR

Published by under news on Jun. 19. 2011.

Ask a Jedi Logo

It is that time of the month again, time for another Fan Friday. The honor of being featured as a spotlighted Fan Site goes to Ask A Jedi, a great site for all The Old Republic fans to visit regularly. If you don’t have them set in bookmarks and as part of your regular rotation you are at loss. They have some of the best columns out there and are very knowledgable and just nice guys overall. They get my full recommendation. You can read their interview for the official site here.
As part of the fan friday we also get to enjoy some great fan art, new icons and some surveys. Due to all the recent E3 happening there was no time to do the regular Q&A session with the developers, but we do get a nice article about polishing the world of the Old Republic based on writer’s feedback. Ian Ryan, writer for SWTOR, gets a chance to tells us about the process of improving the overall feel of the worlds player will be able to visit in the game based on writer input. Turns out that writers are the first that finished their job. Based on their writing other teams started working. Once the first version is done, writers go back and give suggestions on how to improve the looks and feel of certain places to better reflect the storyline that they are trying to convey. There are some great before and after screenshots in this article so I wholeheartedly recommend you read it. Personally, I love the huge golden statue of a Hutt on the main promenade of Nar Shaddaa better than what they had before the writer’s input.
SWTOR managed to grab a few (well deserved) rewards from the press at this year’s E3. About this and overall impressions from the biggest gathering of gaming professionals you can read in the article on the official site.

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SWTOR Writers Q&A Video – Favorite Thing They’ve Written

Published by under Interview,SWTOUR,video on May. 20. 2011.

During our last month’s visit to Bioware’s studio in Austin, Texas there was one moment I personally enjoyed almost more than playing the game. It was the Q&A session with the writing team of the Old Republic. Seeing all those people creating the awesome stories we’ll be experiencing in the game and hearing them talk about it openly and with clearly visible enthusiasm was just a perfect moment in time. I mean, I am a fan, there is no doubt of that, but, to see these people be just as enthusiastic about the game they are helping create was priceless. With hopes you will get to experience at least a small portion of what was felt in that room we bring you a video of the Q&A session with the writers and all of them talking about the favorite thing they’ve written for the game.


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