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Tag Archive 'by request'

We stopped putting food out under the bridge……

Published by under community news on Nov. 21. 2011.

@BraxKedren to @dawnsrose: What should/could Bioware do to clean up their forums.

@Drast_SL to @dawnsrose: Why anonymity makes most people a douche bag.

We stopped putting food out under the bridge……


Do you avoid official forums, or even some of the fan sites due to the level of negative interaction you get from comments? Continue Reading »

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What is your playstyle (Request of the week)

Published by under gameplay on Nov. 14. 2011.

@swtorleveller to @dawnsrose still taking topics? how about, how to know if your casual or hardcore in mmo as a topic?

Per a discussion on Twitter, and a suggestion, I decided to take a serious look at what my play style is.  We have all heard the terms Hardcore and Casual, but what about the middle ground? Someone suggested that could be Dedicated. I can see that working. Sort of a small, medium and large type of play style. But do they really mean?

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