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New SWTOR vodcast

Published by under Site news,video on Apr. 27. 2012.

SWTOR fansite landscape was always rich and full of various projects. It includes some of the most popular podcasts in the gaming space, there have been fansites active for 3+ years and people always loved talking, writing and contemplating about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is no surprise that new projects keep coming up. The latest project is a bit special for us here at SWTOR Life, because one of our own – Joshrooms – participates in it. It is a vodcast (video podcast) called “Inside SWTOR” with several panelists discussing the current happenings in SWTOR. All panelists are members of the Pillars of Ashla PvP/PvE guild on the Juyo server and they play SWTOR very actively. They have produced 2 episodes so far and you can see things getting a bit more relaxed and smooth. If there is one new SWTOR project you want to look out for, this is the one. Oh yeah, and Joshrooms sports and EPIC beard :). You can keep up with new episodes by subscribing to the Fragworld Youtube channel or following, which is their home website.

Episode One


Episode Two

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