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Hello World

Published by under Site news on Jun. 12. 2010.

Dear visitors I am very pleased and proud to welcome you to our latest endeavor, Swtor Life, fansite 200% dedicated to the upcoming MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic, developed by Bioware. There are very few things in entertainment one waits and hopes for months in advance. In my case it was the Star Wars: Episode I (bummer eh?) and Lord of the Rings movies, World of Warcraft beta, next Lost episode (Season one and perhaps two only though). More than a year ago it was announced that Bioware is working on their first MMORPG title set in the Star Wars universe. That is when my wait for the game started. I even attempted to start a blog early on at, but due to lack of time I was not very active in keeping it fresh (I will copy the content here just for reference). I feel the time has come to take out my camping equipment and sit in front of the proverbial theater waiting for the show to start.

As some of you may or may not know we also did Lotro Life and Aion Life fansites. The theme is recurring and sums up to wanting to gather as much information as possible and share it with the community as soon as possible. We do up to date news, guides, item and quest databases, comics and everything we think the game’s community might appreciate. With this site we plan on doing all of that, putting in everything we got and a bit more on top. We are fans of the games and we do it for the game fans.

Like that young man standing on a desert planet, watching its two suns set, we eagerly await the future and hope to overcome all the obstacle it brings, however dark (or Darth) they might be. We hope you will embark on this journey along with us through the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe.

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