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Happy Holidays from ((The RP XP with MJ))!

Published by under Role Play on Dec. 23. 2011.

((The RP XP with MJ #18))


We here at the staff of ((The RP XP with MJ)), in recognition of the holiday weekend, would like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued comments, questions and support.


The RP community, even in a massive game like SWTOR, is a relatively small group. But we are family. We are the ones who embrace the “Fourth Pillar” and create a fifth: Our Own Epic Stories. So, it is with great honor and humility that I thank you all for keeping the art of RolePlay alive and well, for fostering it in others, and for being the greatest, closest most dedicated community in gaming.


May your holidays be filled with joy and swtor this weekend! Happy Life Day!


And now, some words from the staff….


YULEL, The Smuggler
“Weeee, I get to go first again!!! Hey! Merry Christmas. Also, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, Jolly Festivus, and happy Life Day!!! Also, happy gorging season! Happy nom-nom cookie time! Have a great new year too! Thanks for reading us in the RP XP thingy! Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun next year! Love ya!!!!”


KENDRIS, The Jedi Knight
“Tarik, cough it up. I bet you 100 credits that the Twi’lek would use more than 10 exclamation points. I counted 15. Pay up, kid. ….Oh. Happy Life Day, readers. Hope you’re enjoying the column as much as MJ is writing it. Tell your friends, and May the Force be With You.”


WEX, The Trooper
“The greatest thing about the holiday season is that I get to requisition new boots. My feet are killing me. “Climb that hill!” “Stomp that Separatist!” “Kick that Sith in the groin!” It really wears down a man’s feet. Mm! It’s also nice that the shooting stops for a moment at midnight and I get to take these damn boots off. You all take care. Many happy returns. See ya soon!”


TARIK, The Padawan
“Anyone know what to get a Twi’lek girl for Life Day? I wanted to get her these really cool braids that go around her lekku, but I don’t know if it’s too pricey. I just gave half my credits to Master Kendris. Can anyone spot me until the new year?”


MISHA VU-DON, The Consular
“It is my pleasure to greet you all as we celebrate the holiday season. May the Force be with you in your endeavors. May you always walk the path of the light and seek knowledge where others only wallow in ignorance.”


KENDRIS, The Jedi Knight (again)
“Tarik, you’ll never be a Jedi if you keep chasing those head tails. You should step away from the Twi’lek girl and concentrate on your Force meditations.”


JENLA RUF, The Imperial Agent
“Hey! What’s the big idea of the Jedi taking cuts and posting twice! That’s a kreffing load of crap! And what’s the “Life Day” BS? You guys DO realize it’s a Wookiee holiday, right? And it only comes once every three years? It doesn’t become more ‘Christmas-like’ for thousands of years. It’s a celebration of kreffing trees! Get off it!”


YULEL, The Smuggler (again)
“Jeez, agent, bitter much?”


TARIK, The Padawan (again)
“She’s just mad because she’s stuck on Hutta. Yulie, do you like sweaters? What’s your size?”


JENLA RUF, The Imperial Agent (again)
“Someone tell the trooper to put his boots back on. It smells like rotting Bantha meat in here. And as for you, Twi’lek, back off, or we’ll tie you to a chair and beat you bloody again!”


YULEL, The Smuggler (again, again)
“Um, hey, Jenny. This is all only fiction. That was stage blood. And does your Mandalorian boyfriend know you like tying Twi’lek girls to chairs? …Should I tell him?”


BOARSCH, The Bounty Hunter
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa. Mega LoLz and Rofls!”


YULEL, The Smuggler (again, again, again)
“*Snort* When the Chiss agent blushes she turns purple! Ha haaa!”


JENLA RUF, The Imperial Agent (for the final time)
“You should talk, Twi’lek whose skin is the colour of Hutt sewage!”


TARIK, The Padawan (again)
“Ohhhhhh, I get it. She spells color with a ‘u’ because she’s got an Imperial accent. Haaa! That’s clever.”


YULEL, The Smuggler (againx4)


BOARSCH, The Bounty Hunter (for real this time)
“Ha haa….. Anyway… Happy holidays, everyone. I hope your blaster fires true. I hope you get everything you want. And I hope the spirit of giving is alive and well with you and all your friends and family!”


VEETHA, The Sith Apprentice
“Should we be concerned that the Mandalorian is playing the ‘heart of gold’ card? Um… Anyway, happy Wookiee Day or whatever.”


DARTH TAGIOUS, The Sith Marauder
“Once again…. Do not look at me.”


YULEL, The Smuggler (yet again for the fifth time)
“You Sith guys need to lighten up around the holidays. Don’t you celebrate anything? Come on… Try wearing something besides black, red and purple. You look like a gay emo grunge band.”


VEETHA, The Sith Apprentice (again)
“Shall I kill the Twi’lek, master? Please? May I, please?”


DARTH TAGIOUS, The Sith Marauder (again)
“I. Am. Trying. To. Stay. In. Character!”


LORD SHUNDRAX, The Sith Inquisitor
“I actually celebrate the Freedon Nadd day. It’s the birthday of Exar Kun’s teacher and a time of celebration around our home.”


YULEL, The Smuggler (ok, I’m going to stop counting now)
“Cool! See, Darth. You guys can lighten up if you put your mind to it. What kinds of stuff do you do on Freedom Nad day?”


LORD SHUNDRAX, The Sith Inquisitor
“It’s ‘FreedoN NaDD,’ and we typically go down to the cells and randomly execute a prisoner using our combined Force Storm abilities. It’s amusing to watch the purple lightning dance around their writhing bodies as they blister.”


WEX, The Trooper (again)
“Ah… That did it. Yulel has left the building. Mmmmmmm, these new boots feel SO good.”


Whatever you celebrate, may your holiday be warm and joyous! And, if you don’t celebrate anything, my staff recommends “Freedon Nadd Day.”


See you in swtor! Now go log in and create a story! Then… write to me and tell me about it! I’d like to add more of YOUR great RP moments, questions and ideas to the column in 2012.



((The RP XP with MJ)) appears right here on every Friday (EVEN ON HOLIDAYS!). MJ is swtor-life’s RP columnist and an editor for and (“I not only work for swtor-life and swtor-spy, I use them as my sole source of all my swtor needs!”). You can contact him directly with questions, comments, RP invites or column ideas at You can follow him on Twitter @MJswtor.

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