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Mysterious Force Users, Eternal War

Voss is a planet of more questions than answers. Discovered by accident shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, its rocky plateaus, unspoiled peaks and verdant forests were at first thought to be inhabited only by Gormak, a tech-savvy but pre-space flight species of extremely hostile natives. When the second, much less populous species on Voss made itself known, however, the galaxy was thrown into turmoil and the war almost restarted.

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Primarily isolated on one tall peak and outnumbered by millions of their enemies, the non-Gormak natives use the same name for themselves as for their world: Voss. Locked in a losing war with an implacable enemy that sees them as a violation of the natural order, the hard-pressed Voss have survived centuries of Gormak assaults through the disciplined training of their Commandos, the placement and fortifications of their mountain city and the infallible guidance of the Voss Mystics.

The Voss Mystics are Force users of incredible power. Both the Sith and Jedi agree on this one point. The Voss do not. Voss know nothing of the Force and are uninterested in outsider opinions. Mystics have visions that are never wrong. The Voss follow these visions and survive. When the Sith Empire schemed to conquer Voss, the Republic sought to defend the planet–but the Mystics foresaw both plots and in the end a fleet disappeared, an Empire was humbled and two mighty powers came to Voss peacefully to win favor.

General information
ASTROGRAPHICAL REGION: Outer Rim, ALLEGIANCE: Independent, STATUS: Failed Imperial conquest, now both sides vie for alliance, TERRAIN: Forest, Mountains, Plateaus, KEY FACTS: Jedi and Sith ruins point to ancient contact

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