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Things to Know About the Upcoming Fan Site Summit

Published by under Events,SWTOUR on Apr. 18. 2011.

Here’s a list of preliminary thing that we can share about the upcoming Fan Site Summit Event Bioware is hosting in their offices in Austin, Texas.

  • This is the first such event where only fan sites are invited.
  • There are as many European as there are US based fan sites attending.
  • The official Twitter hash tag is #SWTOUR (Stephen Reid is responsible for the pun).
  • We will be interviewing developers.
  • We will be taken on a tour through Bioware’s offices and we hope to share that experience with you.
  • There is a schedule for releasing information so do not expect everything to be heard day one.
  • I would not get my hopes up on seeing additional gameplay footage. Impressions are OK though.
  • You can follow all of our coverage, including live blogs and image feeds by visiting the official Fan Site Summit page here on SWTOR Life
  • You can already start posting your questions and requests on what you want us to find out by commenting in this post.


The following sites will be having representatives at the event:
Darth Hater
Mos Eisley Radio
Corellian Run Radio
Ask A Jedi

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