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SWTOR Life at E3 2011

Published by under E3,Events on May. 13. 2011.

Electronic Entertainment Expo holds a special place in hearts of all Star Wars: The Old Republic fans. It is the convention where both “Deceived” and “Hope” cinematic trailers were first shared with the world. It is the place where we first saw in-game footage of the Bounty hunter and the smuggler. Black Talon instance, back than known as kill the captain/save the captain scenario, was showcased for the first time at E3 2009 as well. Republic multiplayer demo was also played out by members of the Bioware team showing us what group content looks like in SWTOR. All things considered, it is a great place for The Old Republic fans, and gaming enthusiasts in general, to be at.
E3 is the world’s largest gathering of all people involved with the gaming industry and we are happy to report that SWTOR Life will be represented by its co-owner and Editor Derek Green aka SWTORCrafter. We will be live blogging from the show floor, doing interviews with the developers and getting you all the latest news. This being the year when we expect the game to be released, we can imagine there will be a lot of information coming from the show floor. We can speculate all we want about what exactly we can hope to hear, but to be honest, I believe everything to be possible at this point. We might get a flood of information and yet again we might find that devs stayed in Austin to work hard on finishing the game. Whatever the case is, we are happy to report on as much as we can for the SWTOR community. Stay tuned because the show starts on June 7th and that is less than a month away.
Make sure you follow @SWTORCrafter or @SWTORLife on Twitter for live udates once the show starts.

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