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Mass Effect 3 News

Published by under E3 on Jun. 06. 2011.

Latest News

  • The fall of Earth gamplay trailer being shown(12:37 PDT)
  • Epic gameplay being shown
  • Mass Effect 3 trailer starting the conference (12:30 PDT)

Mass Effect 3 for XBoX was just shown at the Microsoft Press Conference. Presentation was held by Dr. Ray Muzyka. We could see dialogue being controlled through Kinect voice and gestures and battle being contrrolled through Kinect technology as well. It looked a bit surreal and the opening few minutes of the game looked amazing. There were gasps in the audience. I have some low quality screenshots captured from the live feed which you can see bellow.










Everyone at Bioware and Electronic Arts is calling today a Mass Effect 3 Monday. This leads us to think that the main focus of today’s EA press conference in Los Angeles will be Mass Effect 3 and we can hope to hear some exclusive news about the upcoming Bioware Single Player title. Being fans of Bioware games in general I wanted to share with you anything that we find out about the game on our site as well. First up is the background image of the official Mass Effect Twitter account showing Mass Effect 3 Male Shepard.

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One Response to “Mass Effect 3 News”

  1. Aldricon 06 Jun 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Oh that’s awesome! As if I wasn’t already excited enough about ME3, now it will be playable with the Kinect?! Rad.