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 Stephen Reid General Discussion Swimming in The Old Republic 1302132180
Originally Posted by Kuro_Shinigami
Mr. Erickson regarding your post stating that swimming is not a feature you turned off and is not auto included, are you then saying the developers of the hero engine are lying when their demo shows that it is in fact included? no one is asking for combat animations in the water or under water combat, we are asking for the simple immersive factor of not walking under the water to the other side, and as per the engine demo video, it is already programmed and included! HERO ENGINE VIDEO

please refer to THIS THREAD to see how passionate the community is about this.

Thank you for your time.
The Hero Engine in TOR has been extensively modified from the original code. I'm not an expert on the differences, but I know it's been very much reworked for SWTOR. Therefore any feature you may see from a marketing video isn't guaranteed to appear in the final game.

As Daniel said - and elaborated on - swimming was not an easy feature to implement in SWTOR. The inclusion of swimming was weighed against other features and was cut for launch. That doesn't mean it might not be re-considered for the future, but right now, it's not in.

We've seen the feedback and we'll continue to monitor it, but right now, don't expect it at launch.

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