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Zoeller Updates Players About Ability Delay Glitch

Published by under community news on Jan. 21. 2012.

Georg Zoeller spoke to SWTOR players today about various Ability issues that player have been reporting lately.


Players have been reporting recently that they are experiencing a glitch where abilities that are on a global cooldown and appear available for use, which result in unresponsive or ignored player input. They are are reporting a glitch that is causing certain instant abilities to fail in combat, causing massive amounts of frustration. Zoeller assured players that they have identified fixes for these issues and they can expect these patches in the next game update, currently scheduled for January 24th at 2am central standard time.


Zoller also addressed an issue which introduced a delay between between player input and ability execution in certain situations, apparently being most prominent in fast paced PvP combat. There are a variety of influencing factors, but the delay is a very perceivable slow down in the responsiveness of the game.  BioWare is currently in the later stages of a fix for the problem. They hope, but do not promise, that they will be able to include it in the upcoming patch.


BioWare is still in the process of testing these and other issues. They encourage players to hop on the test server and help them test these fixes as well as help them identify any other bugs and glitches in the game. It is great to see that player who are devoting their time on the Test Server helping to improve the game. Hopefully BioWare continues their  speedy response on issues as they arise.


You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

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