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SWTOR Officially Releasing in Australia, Hong Kong and More on March 1st

Published by under community news on Feb. 15. 2012.

BioWare announced recently that they will soon be officially launching Star Wars: The Old Republic in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore on March 1st of this year. This means opening localized servers for those regions and making the game more available to players in those areas, who until now could only play the game by ordering online and playing on a European or North American server.


But what about those players who live in that area but are already in game you ask? Well BioWare will be offering these players a limited chance to transfer their characters to a localized server in order to mitigate some latency issues by player on a server in their region. Players who qualify for the character transfer will be contacted in early March with details on how to move their characters to the new servers. Some players are wondering if this is a sign that BioWare will allow all players to transfer characters between servers sometime in the future, but the developers have not commented on that matter at this time. We here at SWTOR-Life are happy to see the Asia Pacific region get some server love, and hope that both new and old players in this region enjoy all the benefits that having localized servers gives them.


You can read the original post about the upcoming release here.

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One Response to “SWTOR Officially Releasing in Australia, Hong Kong and More on March 1st”

  1. KaelWolfcryon 15 Feb 2012 at 5:24 pm

    So I’ll be expecting an explosion of Engrish credfarm spam in my game mailbox within the coming weeks.