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SWTOR Community Halloween

Published by under community news on Oct. 31. 2010.

It’s Halloween and everyone is enjoying a good scare. To celebrate, Joanne Laroche invite The Old Republic fans to post their Halloween Star Wars related costumes on the forums. The best costumes will be featured in the upcoming Fan Friday and we took the liberty of singling out a few of these in the gallery bellow.

Jyliaan KitsuneSokudo Lifthrasir Merrickk Selven
Chimaeros LusjoOrdo Obyy Tenpo Necropotence
JediGill BlackFx JediGill2 PeepsMcJuggs Aqfitz
Thaxos Synnr Stone Jedi JonDuBroc Crez

One very scary photo was submitted among the family friendly pictures. The costume is in fact so scary that we have to recommend caution to all those with weak hearts or even good taste. We are not sure whether this is an actual forum user or just a random image from one of the star wars conventions, but the scare factor is there nevertheless, which makes it a perfect Halloween image.

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