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Stephen Reid Talks Warzones, UI, Guild Banks and More With TOR-Talk

Published by under community news on Jan. 27. 2012.

The good folks over at TOR-Talk recently had a chance to sit and talk with Stephen Reid, Community Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic. During the interview Reid discussed the features highlighted in the recent “Coming to TOR” video, including upcoming legacy system features and UI customization. Important talk points include:


  • Confirmation that Same-Faction vs. Same-Faction gameplay will be in the upcoming Warzone
  • The UI Customization in the “Coming to TOR” Video was just a small glimpse of what the Dev Team is working on.
  • Mods and Macros aren’t off the table and may be implemented in the future and UI customization remains one of BioWare’s highest priorities.
  • Confirmation that the “Legacy System” will carry over specific races between the two factions. New Class & Species combinations are incoming!
  • Today Bug Fixing is currently BioWare’s main focus on SW:TOR with a number of Devs still developing much upcoming content.
  • Changes will be coming to Crew Skills and the “GTN” (Galactic Trade Network).
  • Guild Ships remain on the table of discussion with BioWare Developers,however, no guarantee a “guild space/area” will be implemented as a guild ship. Guild halls and guild housing have also been discussed.
  • The Guild Headquarters that was on the forums in the past will be returning and it will be better. Along with that BioWare is considering other potential elements seen from other MMOs to be implemented on in the future.


You can listen to the interview in its entirety over at

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