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New Player Guides and Community Blogs

Published by under community news on Feb. 04. 2012.

BioWare announced this weekend that they will be adding a few new features to The first being a series of videos entitled “Begin Your Journey’ which are designed to help new players learn the basics of Star Wars: The Old Republic. They also announced that they will be starting two new weekly blogs dsigned to give players an insight into the development process.


You can watch the new video and learn more after the jump.


The first video in the “Begin Your Journey” series guides players though the experiences they will have when starting up the game for the first time. It guides players though the process of picking a server, creating their first character, and even gives tips on navigating through their very first story conversation. With so many new MMO players trying out SWTOR for the first time this is a great move by BioWare to help incoming players get started on their journey. No word yet on how many installments of the series their will be, but the more help BioWare can get out their for new players the better.


The new community blogs are based around the idea of making the community aware of the development process as much as possible. One of the new blogs will be devoted solely to summarizing the forum posts made by the developers over the last week. This is great for players who don’t have the time to check the developer tracker section of the forums each day, but still wants to keep up will all the happenings going on with the BioWare team.



The second blog is all about answering player questions. Players can now post questions in a thread in the General Discussion section and at the end of the week BioWare will pick 10 questions and respond to them directly. They do have some guidelines they want players to follow when offering up questions.


  1. Keep your question relatively short. Background details are welcome, but don’t go overboard.
  2. Please actually ask a question. We want to hear constructive feedback elsewhere in the Forums.
  3. Use common sense – we cannot answer everything, especially on far-reaching content.
  4. Limit yourself to one question per thread, please. You can always ask another question next week!
  5. And finally, as a reminder, this is not a discussion thread. Do not comment about what somebody else has posted.

If you have a question for the development team head on over to the General Discussion section of the forums and get it posted, you may just see it featured on Friday’s blog post.

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