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May 8th Patch Notes

Published by under community news on May. 09. 2012.

This week’s patch notes are as plentiful as last week’s notes, not surprising as we are still seeing some of the bugs from 1.2 hanging around. There are also some nice little quality of life features added, such as players reviving a “Timed Run” buff when attempting Eternity Vault or Karagga’s Palace on Nightmare Mode in order for them to better track the time needed to defeat them in order to gain the special titles.


You can find all of this week’s notes after the jump.


1.2.3 Patch Notes


Classes and Combat


    • Corrected an issue that prevented Smugglers and Imperial Agents from taking cover in place while moving
    • Channeled abilities now fully complete if a buff providing an Alacrity bonus wears off while the ability is being channeled.

Flashpoints and Operations


Boarding Party
        • This Flashpoint’s Hard Mode no longer has a daily limitation.


        • Players now receive a “Timed Run” buff when attempting Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace in Nightmare Mode. Killing Soa or Karagga before this buff expires grants the Infernal or Unyielding title, respectively.
Explosive Conflict
      • Zorn’s “Fearful” debuff is now correctly restricted to 30 meters.
      • The Demolition Probe Droid no longer attempts to move to the player in the scout tower, which could result in the Droid evading.
      • Minefield turrets no longer occasionally reactivate after the group has engaged Vorgath.
      • Kephess’s Gift of the Masters ability now uses the correct (smaller) radius.



    • More Custom (orange) moddable items that have no modifications installed can now be reverse engineered. This does not include some crafted Custom items and social gear.


  • All characters in a Legacy now appear in the Family Tree, even if the character has not logged in since patch 1.2.

Missions and NPCs


        • Implemented changes to ensure that mission encounters reset (and related enemies respawn) correctly. A small number of missions had encounters that did not properly reset.
World Missions
          • Daily missions on Ilum no longer require the player to complete the Ilum World Mission Arc.
Class Missions
Sith Inquisitor
          • The Fallen Dreadnought: Corrected an issue that blocked progression on this mission if the player skipped a mission step.


    • The Nightmare Pilgrim’s (World Boss on Voss) totem no longer enters a state that prevents players from interacting with it.
    • Some issues that could cause incorrect NPC pathfinding on Corellia have been addressed.



    • Daily Warzone missions now require the completion of 6 Warzone matches. Losing a match counts as 1 completion towards this goal, while winning a match counts as 2 completions.



      • Corrected an issue that could prevent the interface editor from being opened by the “+” button on the hotbar.

Galactic Trade Network

    • An issue that prevented some item category searches from functioning unless an item name or price range was also specified has been corrected.
    • The default value for the Rarity field is now Standard instead of Any. This allows players to search for most items without requiring that they select an option in the Rarity field.
    • When claiming items or credits attached to mail, players will no longer encounter a rare error stating that the message cannot be sent.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Players that completed the steps required to unlock the “Containment Officer” title during the Rakghoul Plague event but did not receive the title have been granted it.

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