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Ilum Exploits Will Be Delt With On An Individual Basis

Published by under community news on Jan. 21. 2012.

Jeff Hickman spoke out today on the actions BioWare plans to take against players who were taking advantage of an exploit on Ilum when their recent update went live on Wednesday.


Instead of just doing a mass Valor rollback they plan on looking at player’s actions and dealing with them individually. Players who were deemed to be taking advantage of the exploit could possibly be seeing their Valor rolled back or may even have actions taken against their account, depending on the severity of their behavior.


The reason BioWare has decided to to enact a mass rollback is because they do not want to unfairly punish any player who may not have even been present during the event. They claim the metric system they have in place was effective in reporting where players were during that time, and whether or not they gained an unfair advantage. They did encourage players to continue giving them feedback so they can continue to improve the open world PvP on Ilum.


You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

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