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Forum Friday: Unofficial E3 2011 Thread

Published by under community news on May. 13. 2011.

This week I am going to bring a relatively new thread on the forums out to everyone. I am doing this because it is covering a subject that has to be on everyone’s mind, that is crazy about Swtor right now. The subject is E3 and maybe, just maybe, the off chance that some type of announcement regarding the status of the game, insight into the beta testing or just brand spanking new information on game-play might come out of this venue.


So, first the link. If you notice, this thread is started by GamewizX. If you frequent the forums a lot, especially around big events you notice this person generally has a thread like this up and ready to gather all the information they can for everyone to read. Gwiz (GeeWiz) does a lot more than that as they tend to offer some sound advice, mostly, about other subjects that float around the forums. I tend to like this thread, even though there isn’t any E3 information out yet, because it’s something I will be able to keep going to as soon as E3 starts and be able to get a lot of information on when I am ready.


Twitter is good for instant news flashes, but if you aren’t able to read anything at that moment, you have to read though all your tweeters that you follow to search for the information. Having a thread like this makes it simple to go back and go through all the information that comes out at your leisure. I appreciate the time and effort put into getting a thread like this started and the effort that will be needed to keep it updated.


So when E3 comes along and you need a place to sit down and go through all the glorious Swtor news that comes out, look to this post for that thread. I am sure there will be some type of game information that you will love to read up on listed there.

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