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Asia-Pacific Character Transfers Now Underway

Published by under community news on Apr. 26. 2012.

You may recall that a few months ago SWTOR was officially released in the Asia-Pacific region. When the servers were brought up for the region it was announced that players who lived in that region and currently had characters on North American or European servers would be able to transfer their characters to the Asia-Pacific servers a few months down the line. Well that time is now.


This is a free service being offered only to players who live in that region, and while it is great news for these players the road has not necessarily been a smooth one so far. The process is largely a manual one for the time being, and due to this Mr. Stephen Reid is communicating quite frequently with players of that region to try and help make sure any problems with the transfers get handled smoothly. Check below for some of the quotes from Stephen Reid, and be sure to check out the Asia-Pacific FAQ if you have any questions about the transfer.


Hey everyone on the other side of the world! The character transfer process has started for those of you who were eligible for inclusion. I wanted to give you a heads-up on what to expect during this process and a few more details.

As previously mentioned, this is the first version of our character transfer process, and it is mostly conducted manually. This means that the process will take a little while. We’re proceeding carefully, monitoring the process as we transfer batches of characters. We’re transferring people based on when they initially signed up for character transfer (after the page went live on April 17th), which means if you filled out the form early, the chances are you’ll get transferred a little earlier, too. Please don’t ask for an estimation on when you’ll be transferred; as we stated at the beginning of the process, it’ll take up to a week for all transfers to complete (but we’re hoping less than that).

The transfer process has to occur when the servers are online, and we’re doing it during office hours here in Austin. That translates to very late at night/early mornings for Australia and New Zealand (apologies to other timezones, they’re the two I know sort-of-off-hand!). Here’s what happens from your perspective as a player:

– If you are in-game when the transfer process starts for your character(s) then you will be disconnected from the server. You will receive an error message that’s tagged as ‘Error Code 6′. If this happens, it’s time to take a break from the game for a while!

– If you are not in-game, you may attempt to login and find you are unable to.

– In either case, you will not be able to login to the characters you are transferring while the transfer is taking place, or create new characters on that origin server. You can create or play characters on other servers if you wish.

– The transfer process can take up to three hours, but should generally take less.

– After your transfer is complete, you will log back into the game and should find that your transferred characters are no longer listed on your character select screen. That’s a good sign! You should then back out of character select and go back to server selection.

– At the bottom of the server selection screen, click the Asia Pacific tab. Select the server or servers you elected to transfer characters to; you should find them waiting for you.

– As described in my previous post, you may need to rename your characters. Please refer to that post for (hopefully) all the info you need.

– If you are still unable to login and find your transferred characters over three hours after the process intiated as described above, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

That’s it! If you still have questions, please feel free to post them in this thread. I’d also ask you to review the existing FAQ as well as my previous post about renaming characters.

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