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Ability Delays Gone and More Improvements Are Incoming

Published by under community news on Jan. 24. 2012.

As promised BioWare’s recent server maintenance included a patch to fix the ability delay issues that people had been complaining of. Players have already reported seeing a massive improvement in the combat because of the fix, but BioWare is not done working on improving the combat system.


According to a Developer Post by Georg Zoeller we can expect some continued improvements involving combat sometime in the near future. He mentions that there are already some fixes on the Public Test Server that will be rolled out to the general public once BioWare is satisfied with the results. They also plan on working on improving the readability of the cooldown animations included in Rise of the Rakghouls that players have been complaining of, and are also looking to improve the accuracy of the cast bars, something that already saw some work in today’s patch.


The final issue Zoeller mentions, and possibly the most important one when it comes to faction balance, is that BioWare is working on improvements to the responsiveness of individual ability animations, including, but not limited to, faction specific timing differences on mirrored abilities. Many players on the Republic side have pointed out that their abilities seem to have longer activation times or animations than their Imperial counterparts. It sounds like this issue has been noticed by BioWare as well and they are working on fixing the issue as we speak.


You can read the patch notes from last nights update here, and the developer post from Zoeller here.

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One Response to “Ability Delays Gone and More Improvements Are Incoming”

  1. Rosieon 25 Jan 2012 at 12:48 am

    things did feel smoother when i went on for a bit..