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1.1.5a Patch Notes

Published by under community news on Mar. 13. 2012.

This week we have been overwhelmed with a cornucopia of various patch notes. We have literally been overwhelemed with patch note goodness.


Wait, did I say overwhelmed? Because I meant there were two notes this week. Yep, two patch notes.


The first fix this week was all about our favorite Wookiee, Bowdaar. Apparently some folks were not being granted Bowdaar when he should have joined your team, denying Smugglers everywhere to send a big, hairy tank straight into the middle of their foes. Bowdaar should no be joining your team as intended, and has been retroactively added to the squad of those players who did not get the Wookiee when they should have.


The second patch dealt with a glitch centered around the Imperial mission “Thus, Always, To Tyrants”. It seems that when players would use the Emergency Fleet Pass to leave the mission they would find a pair of bulkhead doors on the Security Deck to be locked, denying them the ability to complete the mission. This has been fixed so now players are free to leave the ship when they like without fear of being unable to finish the mission when they return.


That’s all for the Patch Notes this week folks, check back with us after next week’s server maintenance to get the run down on all the in gmae changes that come with the fix.

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