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Where’s the Marketing?

Published by under Class on Mar. 08. 2011.

In regards to knowing PAX is upon us and a great mamy things will more than likely come from that, I still am left wondering this subject. Officially there isn’t any marketing machine running to promote the game. So where is the Marketing for Swtor?

I look at it from a time constraint. It has been put out by Bioware that we have until the end of the year (December 31, 2011) for Swtor to release. 9 months in essence. In game development that is a short window to get a lot of information out, that isn’t marketing media. It is a small window to bring hype and start to cull a following or potiential players to  meet that 500,000 suscriber base that was said to be needed to make a profit. So what is the hold up?

There is no official trailer to make people go “ooh” and “ahh”. Nothing to stir the geeks in us up and make us brush the dust off our lightsabers stuck away in the closet. Heck, that full set of Stormtrooper gear doesn’t even need to be polished yet, as nothing is giving us the feelng of “I need to hurry up and get ready! The game of games is arriving shortly!”.

Maybe Bioware has decided not to do any Marketing. It’s also possible they they have something up their sleeves and are prepping to assault all our senses with something great. Maybe, just maybe, Darth Malgus is preparring a bid for his 2012 run for the White House. Who knows…I just wonder when the Marketing Department is going to join the game.

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