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TOR testing application being accepted now!

Published by under beta testing on Sep. 29. 2009.


It has been reported earlier today that beta testing sign ups have started on the official TOR site. The moment this became public knowledge the internet went ablaze. Everyone and their mother tried signing up (yours truly included). There is a scanning application at the end of the sign up process that tests your computer and this was the most common point of failure. Everything went down after that. As more people started hearing the news, the official site was hit by a gazillion excited fans wishing to try their luck. Be patient. The sign up will last for many more months to come and I don’t think your chances to participate will be higher if you are among the first million to sign up. Once the initial rush passes be sure to

Use this link to sign up for Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing


The Old Republic community members using either Hotmail or Yahoo email providers may not be receiving transactional emails at this time. This includes validation and password recovery emails. We are looking into the situation and will update you when we can.

The team is still working on various solutions for the looping issue that some users are experiencing. Your patience is appreciated while we are working on this. And remember, the order in which an individual signs up has no bearing on who gets chosen for testing.

Update 2:
Things have been working as intended for weeks now.

Click here for the official article.

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