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SWTOR Beta Scams Exposed! Beware Hopeful Testers

Published by under Beta,beta testing on Sep. 15. 2011.

Today in the land of yellow posts came a very important statement from Stephen Reid about the potential for scams in gaining beta testing access to SWTOR, and the truth behind it. I want to highlight this bit of information because I want to make sure all the community is aware of the possible risk involved with such a scam.

At this time, there are no websites, anywhere, who are officially partnered with EA or BioWare to ‘give away’ Game Testing invites or ‘Beta Keys’. Any site suggesting otherwise is mistaken.

The only way to get a Game Testing invite (of any kind) at this time is to be signed up to test and to be officially invited by BioWare, via email. As always, to check if you have been invited to test, login to

Please be aware that some sites may ask you to download software in exchange for promised ‘Beta Keys’. This software may be malicious and may damage your PC. You are never required to download anything to be invited to Game Testing – you will only need to download the game client after you are invited, which is only available from

So, if you encounter a site or an email saying they have beta access for you, it is false at this time.  In the future it will be inevitable that there will be sites that will get access to special giveaway promotions, or at least most games do that, but at the current time there are none endorsed by Bioware so any you might find on the internet or your inbox at this time are false.

Keep yourself safe and only believe it if it comes from Bioware.

I know that those of us that are not in testing are desperate to get in.  Just be careful and realize that if it is important enough for them to have to make a statement about, then the threats are out there.

Be on guard SWTOR soldiers!

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2 Responses to “SWTOR Beta Scams Exposed! Beware Hopeful Testers”

  1. DarthAareleson 15 Sep 2011 at 10:00 am

    90% of scams can be prevented with a little common sense and awareness. If the email is from something suspicious like its probably not legit. Also, if the actual email says like “click here to redeem your beta invite” and the email looks shady.

  2. Stonealeon 16 Sep 2011 at 5:12 pm

    One thing you can do if you got a mail saying your in but you’re suspicious is to go and log in to you SWTOR account and check the status. That way you do not have to press any links in the mail.