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Beta Keys

Published by under Beta,beta testing on Nov. 15. 2011.

In preparation for their Big Beta Weekend (I will not be using the acronym of that any time soon), Bioware is handing out tens of thousands of beta keys through various websites. Currently there are promotions running on (20.000 keys being handed out – ~18.000 left at the time of writing). is also giving out keys and their giveaway is separated into North American and EU sections.
Massively is giving out keys on this page. I don’t know how many are left, but I appreciate the Eternity Vault screenshots :).
You should be following #TestSWTOR search on Twitter for the latest announcements about sites that are giving out keys.
Please keep in mind is that if you applied for testing on before 11-11-11 you will be invited to the upcoming Big Beta Weekend no matter what and you will not need the keys from the sites above. The keys from the sites above are for those that are just now getting curious about SWTOR and have not had a account before.

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